If you'd like the Effortless Anthropologie Fall 2013 Media Kit, please email me!

If you think Effortless Anthropologie is just a blog about Anthropologie then you're really missing out! Over the last five years an incredible community of college-educated, affluent female readers has built a trusted circle that relies not only on me but also each other for information about brands, quality, sales and special promotions. We love to shop yes but we're also very discerning. Over 95% of the content here is organic. It's already to natural to discuss brands besides Anthropologie on this blog and get advice on what brands complement Anthro well in our wardrobes.

At my day job brands are always asking how they can build a circle of trust with consumers. When you advertise or partner with Effortless Anthropologie and the Parallel Universes Resolution your brand doesn't have to build the circle. It's already here.

From major clothing brands to independent artists, Effortless Anthropologie's vitality is achieved in part through partnerships with amazing sponsors. If you're an artist, designer, brand rep or PR firm looking to reach a female college-educated demographic with high disposable income hunting for amazing clothing, beauty goods, jewelry, shoes, accessories, travel gear or home decor, I'd love to hear from you!

What kinds of sponsorship and partnership can a brand achieve with EA? Here are some of the most common categories.

- Shopping experience and visit posts (example)
- Brand introduction posts (example)
- Catalogue critiques with a definitive slant towards fun (example)

- Trend reports (example)
- Open threads (example)
- Gift guides (example, more)

- Arist interviews (example, more, works best in conjunction with a giveaway or special offer)
- Collaboration announcements/lookbooks (example, another example)

- Event roundup + slideshow (example)
- Photo passes to runway shows/press previews (example)
- Events for community members (i.e. special shopping hours, after-hours events, example)

- Available in various sizes, shapes and timetables. Please contact me for a rate sheet.

- This is usually an item that is discussed across the blogs, social media platforms and outfit sites (i.e. Polyvore, Chictopia). Please email me to request my media kit for more information and case studies.

- Gift card giveaways -- great for brands large, small or in between! -- (example, more, even more)
- Product giveaways (examplemore)
- Special offers (i.e. free shipping) or coupon codes just for EA readers (example)

- Only accepted on an extremely limited basis (example)

Frequently asked questions about sponsorships:
Do you accept new affiliate relationships?
Right now, all affiliate slots on Effortless Anthropologie are full.

Do you accept c/o items for your OOTDs?
Yes, on a very limited basis. I prefer an item to give away to the community whenever possible.

Is there a minimum value amount for giveaway posts?
Giveaways with a minimum of $50 from independent artists and $100 from major retailers tend to be most successful.

I'm interested in running a sponsored post on Effortless Anthropologie. Do I provide the text, or will you write the post?
I prefer to write the post to maintain blog voice. In certain cases I'm happy to collaborate on sponsored posts or relinquish authorship, so long as the post passes muster.

Can I purchase a text link on Effortless Anthropologie?
Currently, Effortless Anthropologie runs only banner ads, not text links.

Email me to receive your copy!