My name is Thea -- I go by roxy here which is an old nickname -- and it's great to meet you! I'm an adventurer based in New York City, though I'm traveling almost as much as I'm home these days. I work in the intersection of fashion, fine arts and technology by trade but I'm a writer by passion. Everyone's got their story and this is mine.

I started this blog as Effortless Anthropologie in 2008 as a way to build a community about my favorite brand. This blog isn't owned by, affiliated with or controlled by Anthropologie. I just really like their stuff! I think anything worth doing is worth doing with friends and my hope was to meet a few great gals that are as devoted to the flowy as I am. I could never imagine what it would grow into: a thriving, active, passionate and dedicated community of ladies (and a few awesome guys too!) that exchange tips, tricks and reviews of all things Anthropologie.

These days I've realized that the community is equally passionate about a number of brands so while Anthropologie always has a comfy home here, I've also incorporated a number of other brands into the mix that I adore and the community does too! The blog also got a new name in 2016, Effortlessly with roxy, which more accurately reflects what this place is about. From outfit ideas to product reviews to shots of real women in the clothing we love, this blog is a way for young women to connect and discuss fashion without fear of prejudice, body judgement or enslavement to trends. We keep it light and fun here.

A little more about me: I invent products and schmooze with some of my favorite fashion and fine arts people for a thrilling technology company in NYC that recently emerged out of its startup phase and is doing a mixture of for-profit work and non-profit work. I grew up in NYC and Connecticut, went to college out in Colorado and travel often with my BF, especially in our Jeep Wrangler named Hugo. I used to be in a band but so did about 1 million other NYC residents, so I just bass for fun now. I've got a Shiba Inu named Cinnamon, a boyfriend who prefers his anonymity (understandably!) and split time between Harlem and South Slope.

My style tends towards the preppy and feminine. My closet is mainly a mix of Anthropologie, J.Crew, Madewell, Nanette Lepore, Tracy Reese, Kate Spade, Joie, AG Jeans, Rag & Bone, Theory, Helmut Lang, Elie Tahari, American Eagle, Aritzia and Zara. But there are many more brands I love! (Céline, Marni, Etro, Miu Miu, etc....) All sponsors are closely evaluated to ensure there is a symbiotic fit that feels organic for the community here.

If you have any questions or would like to chat, please email me at hello@effortlesslywithroxy.com.

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