Surprise! Madewell offers up to 30% off for Spring

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I'm beyond delighted with my Northward Cropped Army Jacket ($110 + up to 30% off),
one of Madewell's many pretty Spring goodies.

Madewell has to be one of my favorite retailers this Spring, thanks in part to an exceptionally cute collection that's easy to mix and match into tons of outfits. Items like the Northward Cropped Army Jacket ($110 + up to 30% off), above and which you'll see on me later today in my OOTD, are versatile closet staples.

And now the honey is a little sweeter: Madewell is offering 20% off purchases of $100+ and 30% off purchases of $200+! The code is NOTKIDDING which is helpful since I feared they were...

Inside, Madewell items that have been very good to me.

Throw a denim jacket over the Shaka Cover-Up Dress in Vintage Bandana ($75 + up to 30% off)
and you've got one cute Spring look down!

There's so much great stuff at Madewell right now that it's kind of hard to know where to begin. My visits to the store have been more plentiful recently and thank goodness, because I'd probably have missed the Shaka Cover-Up Dress in Vintage Bandana ($75 + up to 30% off, above) hiding in the swim section online otherwise. I've seen it styled in-store with this necklace, looking perfect.

Want further Madewell promo inspiration? More Madewell outfits and picks live in this recent post.

The dress selection at Madewell is very, very good right now. It's no surprise to me that the Smocked Mini Dress ($158 + up to 30% off) is selling out quickly! You'll see the Posy Floral Ruffle Dress ($158 + up to 30% off) on me in an OOTD next week -- trust me when I say it's very cute on, goes great under the (excluded) Washed Leather Moto Jacket, and runs TTS.

It's a bit of a bummer to see select Transport items excluded from this promo, and all denim too, but there are still tons of good pickings.

Here are some more of my favorite items in this promo:
1 | My OOTD earlier this week showcased that the Whisper Cotton Scoop Tank Top in Coretta Stripe ($20 + up to 30% off) in Egyptian gold is one sweet Spring color!
2 | The top goes perfectly with the Halliday Sunglasses ($65 + up to 30% off) in cider glass.
3 | Today a woman nearly blocked me from getting off the subway, she was so excited to ask about my Small Pouch Clutch: Splatter Paint Edition ($50 + up to 30% off). You've been warned -- it's an attention and compliment grabber!
4 | I also very much adore my Fest Aviator Sunglasses ($55 + up to 30% off), which are mirrored lenses and look great with all items green and blue.
5 | I tried on the Chambray Cutout Cami Mini Dress ($128 + up to 30% off) and I am in love, though it runs very very small. I went up 2 sizes for a good fit!
6 | The similar Windowpane Cutout Cami Midi Dress ($138 + up to 30% off) has similarly tight fitting, though I'm enamored by its midi-length skirt.
7 | A beautiful salmon pink makes the Eyelet Off-the-Shoulder Dress ($158 + up to 30% off) an appealing piece. My coworker has been wearing it with a white cuffed dress shirt to work, and it looks amazing on her!
8 | Let us not forget all the cute bags Madewell has, like the Simple Crossbody ($98 + up to 30% off)...
9 | ...and the brilliant new Prague Satchel ($198 + up to 30% off).
10 | Another item I'll likely wear under my Northward Cropped Army Jacket ($110 + up to 30% off, top of post) is the very comfy and cute Springdale Sweater-Tank ($60 + up to 30% off). I'm also picturing this Anthro denim jacket over it.

Want even more Madewell picks? Check out this post from the last promo (now expired) and see Madewell items IRL with this OOTD.

What will you pick up during this fantastic Madewell promotion?