Join Ebates for free cash back and get a free $10 cash back

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The shopper's secret weapon: Ebates.

I love finding good deals online and being a savvy shopper and that's why I'm sharing one of my shopping secrets: Ebates. Ebates allows me to stuff my pockets back with some of the money I spend anyway and gives me and my friends bonuses just for using it!

In this post, we'll be talking about what Ebates is, how you can save and earn money using Ebates, whether it's a scam or not (quick answer: so not a scam!) and whether or not the program has worked for me.

Is Ebates is the perfect savvy shopping tool? Find out inside...

You're already shopping. I use Ebates to get free money back in my pockets, and you can too!

Ebates is a very easy program to use. Sometimes I make a purchase online, realize I forgot to use Ebates and slap my forehead because I didn't remember. Who doesn't want free money back in their pockets just for shopping?

Already ready? Sign up for Ebates now and receive $10 in free cash back just for registering via this link!

What is Ebates? Simply, it's a cash-back aggregator. There are no coupon codes for you to remember, no hoops to jump through. Once registered, all you have to do is click on the Ebates link for the store you're shopping at and once your checkout is completed you'll receive your cash back reward in your Ebates account!

Some online shopping tools are complicated and frustrating to use. I love Ebates because it's so easy. Registering on their website takes less than 60 seconds. Once you're registered you can set your favorite stores to shop at or simply search for a retailer.

It's all the couponing you want to do in one place.

Want to know what percentage cash back a store is offering? All you have to do is look at the percentage number next to the store name while you are on

Want to get cash back from Ebates stores, the stores you already shop at? All you do is log into your Ebates account and click on whatever brand you are interested in shopping at. There are over 2,000 stores where you can earn cash back, so there are plenty of options (blog favorite Ebates stores include Boden, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Gap, Amazon, J.Crew, Sephora, Nike, and more.). Then shop like you normally would and you will earn cash back. It's that easy! Many stores often offer double cash back!

The best part? Ebates is totally FREE! No monthly fee, no fee that you have to pay to Ebates, or anything like that. It is absolutely free to you to use Ebates.

There are over 2,000 stores that participate in Ebates -- your favorite stores offering you cash back!

Cash back is great, but what if a store is running an awesome promo? Good news: you can still use coupon codes and promo codes while using Ebates. So if Boden is running a 20% off your purchase promotion, you can get that 20% off and still use Ebates. So many people think you can't do both and that's not the case.

You can save money on your online purchases by using coupon codes and discounts at your stores of choice just like you normally would, AND you can earn money back by shopping on that website by clicking on Ebates' link. Does anything beat that?

In the last 6 months alone I've earned over $600 cash back. $600 cash back on money I would have spent anyway! Nothing like lining your pockets with a bit of extra money, right? It's the savvy way to shop for things I already need and want.

You can also continue supporting Effortlessly with Roxy's affiliate links and get your cash back! Simply read the posts here and click on any product links like you normally would. You can even add items you like to your cart or wishlist. Then, before you check out, head to Ebates and click the store's cash back offer to make sure you get your free cash back! It's a win-win for both of us.

Sometimes I get asked if Ebates is a scam. The simple answer is NO, Ebates is not a scam!

Ebates makes their money by being an affiliate, just like I am an affiliate for all the stores we talk about on this blog. That's how they are able to pay people like you and me. They make money whenever you shop through their site links. It's exactly the same way it works when you click on my affiliate links; I make a little bit of money.

Here's an example: Sephora is listed on Sephora pays a percentage of its sales to Ebates for being an affiliate and for referring customers to them. Ebates then gives you a little bit of that percentage as well for using their website. Everyone wins and no one is a part of some made-up Ebates scam.

When it comes to cash back sites, Ebates is the easiest and most fun to use in my book! Plus, when you register through my link, you'll get a $10 welcome bonus! Just one more positive reason for this post. Are you an Ebates fan? What is your favorite store on Ebates?

Note: This post is part of my Make Extra Income Series, which takes a look at easy ways to earn income on the side or as part of an overall earnings strategy. Look for more posts on this topic soon!