Investigating Sundance Catalog's newest arrivals...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Elettra Tee ($78).
With: Necklace (I LOVE this!) | Bracelet | Ring | Earrings

Since my move from Manhattan to Brooklyn there's been one catalog noticeably missing from my mailbox: Sundance Catalog! It took a little while to get everything sorted out, but finally the latest Spring arrivals mailer was in my box this past weekend. And I'm so glad because I feel like I'd been missing out on their beautiful new arrivals.

There are so many things I love about Sundance Catalog, too many to name really. But a few of those favorite things are their attention to detail in things like embroidery and pattern placement -- how gorgeous is the Elettra Tee ($78) above? -- wonderful material choices and well-layered outfits that I could easily copy.

This time around I'm also adoring their models!! I covet this model's infectious personality. What a smile she has! It certainly makes me want to take a closer look at their clothing...

The Marta Top ($78).
With: Jeans | Necklace | Earrings

The Lattice Lace Cardigan ($158). 
With: Top | Shorts
I also love these boots shown with the shorts!

The Spirit Song Top ($148).
With: Necklace | Bracelets | Belt

The Mountain Time Shirt ($148).
With: Necklace | Bracelets | Earrings

The Julep Duster ($168).
With: Belt | Bracelet

The Silverton Dual-Plaid Dress ($158).
With: Belt  | Necklace | Boots (so cute!) | Bag

The Dree Lined Jacket ($198).
With: Necklace | Earrings

The Nariya Cardigan ($98).
With: Top

The Beyond Blooms Cardigan ($245).
With: Top.

The Primrose Sugar Blossom Jeans ($108). 
Shown with: Bag | Sandals

The So Much To Love Top ($118).
With: Necklace

The Prairie Dream Dress ($178). 
With: Sandals.

The Ever Blooming Top ($68).
With: Earrings.

Which of these Sundance looks is your favorite? I'll have another post on Sundance taking a look at more Spring items soon!