Checking with Anthropologie's extra 25% off sale plus an update on their two newest large locations...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Much like this model, I'm daydreaming about better offerings ahead from Anthropologie.
Shop the AG Stevie Ankle High-Rise Jeans (now $130 + 25% off) and other promo sale items!

Note: Madewell launched an awesome promotion today! You can get recent Madewell picks here, and see my latest OOTD featuring them here. Full post later.

While Anthropologie is working extremely hard behind the scenes to right their design ship, right now your closet can benefit from their extra 25% off sale promotion! Inside, 10 sale favorites of mine plus updates on the two newest Anthropologie & Co locations about to open...

The Coffee Shop Tee (now $40 + 25% off) is a great wardrobe basic.

Here are the 10 Anthropologie sale items I'm loving even more at an extra 25% off:
1 | Ignore the bad reviews -- the Paulina Scalloped Top (now $40 + 25% off) is a cute, wearable top that I wear to work at least once a week! To keep it in shape and soft, wash it on cold and then air or low dry it. Be sure to gently tug it back into shape after washing, and especially after drying.
2 | Although we're tiring of off-the-shoulder, I still adore the Radcliff Off-The-Shoulder Dress (now $80 + 25% off) for it's beautiful green color and great sleeve proportions. Belt it and you have quite the cute, easy look!
3 | Until the days get warmer, the airy Rama Cropped Pullover (now $70 + 25% off) is a good sweater to have around. I sized up for my larger chest and wear it over a crisp white dress shirt with a few buttons sticking out of the bottom and dark jeans.
4 | The Itinerary Bomber (now $90 + 25% off) is my go-to Spring jacket and it can be yours too!
5 | The Paige Austin Denim Skirt (now $100 + 25% off) hugs every curve and makes them all look amazing. That Rama Cropped Pullover (now $70 + 25% off) would look great over it!
6 | Spring colors abound on the beautiful Amelie Silk Kimono Dress (now $100 + 25% off). I would wear a cropped sweater over it with the sleeves above my elbows, to play with the proportions.
7 | Do you own any Monogram Mugs (now $7 + 25% off) yet? If not, now is a great time to pick a few up! It's our favorite coffee and tee mug -- the lip shape is great and the monogram is a classic font.
8 | The Sybil Fringe Tote (now $190 + 25% off) is about as fun as totes get!
9 | Let the Cleo Jacquard Sheath (now $100 + 25% off) be your new favorite work dress.
10 | Your hands and feet can smell like coconut sugar and be as soft as can be with the Mer-Sea & Co. Hydrating Hand & Foot Scrub (now $10 + 25% off).

In Anthropologie & Co news, I'm very excited because two locations close to me are opening in the next two weeks! First, the Westport Connecticut Anthropologie & Co opens tomorrow!! I'm so very excited about this one because it's in a location I know and love, in a beautifully designed building. For any NYC Anthro lovers, it's a short taxi ride from the train station in town. Westport is also home to Anthro's garden brand Terrain and I plan on stopping into both next week while I'm up in CT with my Mom. You can see pictures of the new Westport Anthropologie & Co here.

And on April 7, Anthropologie finally, finally comes to the Financial District in Manhattan with its new Anthropologie & Co location opening on Dey Street, at 195 Broadway. Located near the World Trade Center and the Fulton Street Transit Center, this location is very easy to get to via subway and is on a corridor of lower Broadway that is quickly becoming retail heaven. I won't be here on opening day but will head over as soon as I'm back in NYC from my CT trip. I cannot wait to see this one! It seems like we've been talking about this location forever!!