Vacation shopping at Anthropologie

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Although not fitted nor body skimming, I have to admit the Roe Open-Shoulder Top ($98) is flowy done right.
And the color is beautiful!

Going on vacation to a warm destination soon? Then you should definitely work a trip to Anthropologie in, as I came away from the store yesterday with a suitcase full of cute jet-setting new arrivals! I'm just as surprised as anyone given all the fug on the website right now, but in person (some) stuff is looking much better than the site led me to think.

Inside, what came home with me...

The Pleated Linen Tank ($98) is cropped, but looks great over high rise shorts or with a jacket.

I feel like some cute stuff is starting to drift into stores -- the kind of stuff that I'd discover in May when it's shown with something else on the site, long sold out and wonder where the heck that cute item came from...? Some of this stuff might be vacation-only while other items are going to be great for general wear in Spring and Summer!

Take the Pleated Linen Tank ($98, above) which I can't say I'd really noticed online. It looks kind of like a boxy nothing, right? But in the Rockefeller Center (NYC) Anthro, I saw it styled under a jacket (I'll share the mannequin and my try-on photo on my Instagram today or tomorrow) and my curiosity was piqued. It had clearly been flying out of the store -- there was only 1 medium and 1 large left to try. After trying it on I realized this is a really cute top! Especially for Costa Rica, but also for weekends all warm weather season long. And that's the story for pretty much this entire list, including the admittedly flowy but still lovely Roe Open-Shoulder Top ($98) topping this post. Both of these tops run true to size, and if you're less busty you can safely size down in the Pleated Linen Tank ($98).

Here's what else I picked up in-store:
1 | Hei Hei's Wanderer Rolled-Hem Shorts ($98) are insta-comfy on! I adore the longer inseam (over 4" when cuffed!) and the little accents on the waistband. They are soft and come in cute colors. I purchased the grey. They do run large; size down one size. (I purchased a 30.)
2 | The Pilcro Washed Chino Skirt ($88) is another home run from Anthro's in-house jeans-pants-skirts brand. It's an ideal length for warm weather and has a longer waistband, which helps the skirt fit magnificently over hourglass figures. It runs true to size in my opinion. Online there are only two colors right now (I bought the guacamole in a 10), but in-store there were 4 colors to choose from. I'm sure those other colors will appear online soon.
3 | I know many of us are feeling kimono overkill right now with Anthropologie, buttttttttt I love the Livia Textured Kimono ($148). In fact, my trip to the store was kindled when I saw this Instagram shot of it looking so cute! What's nice about this one versus all the other kimonos out there? Firstly, the online product shot doesn't reveal how pink it is in real life. The bluish trim doesn't stand forefront in real life the way you'd think from online. Also, it is not some silky shapeless thing. It's almost terry-like with structure. And finally, have you noticed that cute quadruple-tasseled sash yet? That alone is a piece I know I'll wear often!! It's gorgeous!
4 | The Lazuli Halter Dress ($128) is a winner from Cloth & Stone. I own last year's High-Tide Halter Dress and if you're wondering how I justify having this one too, although the shapes are similar there are many differences too. Firstly, while the High Tide Halter Dress had an adjustable neckline on a rope tie, the fixed neck of the Lazuli Halter Dress is appealing to me (I ended up lightly sewing that rope tie on the High Tide as the neck kept slipping inwards). Secondly, the skirt on this one is more of a slight a-line while the High Tide was a straighter, nearly tapered shape. And lastly, the Lazuli is so cute! Like the High Tide (which you can see on me here), I sized up to a large in the Lazuli.
5 | I was hunting for a long-sleeve blouse I can use to cover up at the beach or around town when the equatorial sun becomes too much, and I'm surprised and delighted by the Strappy V-Neck Blouse ($88), a good replacement for this top which I loved in pink that sold out from under me! I really like the little crossover strap detail, and the pale pink is lovely in real life. I went with my usual size medium in this one.
6 | The final top I purchased doesn't seem to be online yet, but it's very similar to the New Canaan Sleep Top ($58). It's also by Cloth & Stone, and has the same buttons down the side. Instead of being a plaid top, it's a crisp white swiss dot top. I found this one to run very large and went down to a small to buy -- if you're already an extra small, you're likely sized out of this one. (Sorry.) Update: the tank top is now online and is called the Side-Buttoned Tank ($68).
7 | I also picked up a few accessories for my trip so I could wear some fun little details. These include the Stone Stacking Rings Set ($68) in peach...
8 | ...the Layered Velvet Necklace ($54)...
9 | ...and the Opalescent Sunburst Ring ($48).
10 | I like the look of the Halftime Cap ($48) a lot, but I already own a very similar hat from Free People.

I will be posting mini reviews today on my Instagram of some of the items mentioned in this post!! I invite you to come follow along. Don't forget about the 20% off full price coupon for your purchase too! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see this post.)

We know that there is a lot we don't like at Anthropologie right now, but I'm curious, what do you love there at the moment? What's been a good Anthro buy for you recently?