Styled: Free People's We The Free Thermal

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wide v-neck tops are so fun to style and that's especially true of Free People's We the Free Pacific Thermal ($68)! It comes in several colors (see blue on me here and pink in this morning's post!) which means lots of different ways to accessorize this top. It runs true to size and has beautiful movement as you walk. I might not stop til I own every color! I was inspired in part by this store styling.

Inside, some of my styling ideas for each color the thermal comes in.

For each color I've chosen two coordinating pieces -- be it a bra, a necklace, a hat, a jacket -- whatever the top seemed to call for. There's no reason you need to limit it to two pieces though. As you saw in my OOTD post this morning, four or five complementing items works too!

Top | Bra | Hat

Top | Bra | Necklace

Top | Bra | Jacket

Top | Bra | Jacket

Top | Bra | Necklace

Top | Jacket | Hat

Have you tried this top on? What would you wear yours with?

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