Investigating Anthropologie's new arrivals & A Flash sale!!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The AG Indigo Rectro Turtleneck ($258) and AG Indigo Scatri Pencil Skirt ($198) look comfy and wearable.
Shown with these shoes.

Anthropologie is running a FLASH SALE on selected coats through 4 PM, today ONLY. Use the code COUNTDOWN at checkout to get 40% off the selected coats.

Ready for a February reset? Anthropologie certainly hopes you are with tons of new arrivals and capsule landing pages to celebrate its newest stuff. Aside from the panic of seeing something called 'Nautical Disco' (halfway down this capsule page -- God help us no) -- there are some cute new pieces that have made it onto my wishlist.

Inside, thoughts and picks...

The Rhea Striped Pullover ($98) has potential to be seriously cute.
But among a sea of oversized, it's exhausting at the same time.

In a way, I feel a little like a kid who's been forced to try cauliflower so many times that eventually I've given in and started to tolerate -- if not like -- it. Were items like the Rhea Striped Pullover ($98) one of a few oversized sweaters I'd probably love it, but among so many other boxy oversized items it makes me slightly interested while also wanting to wave the white flag.

There is just so much head-scratching stuff. Someone is going to have to explain an Eyelet Windbreaker ($148) to me. 'You know, it stops wind...but, uh, not...'  Or the Pilcro Denim Shirt Jacket ($138), which sounds like the plot of an old Seinfeld episode. Or what this poor sad sack is (great job by the models of faking it though!).

It's clear to me that Anthropologie is going West Coast chic for Spring and it's so disappointing to me. Wither the fate of stores like Pacific Sunwear. And there also seems to be a clear Gamine angle mixed in...they could not have picked two styles I'm less interested in. The last time Anthro tried this tactic -- 2011, after a remarkably successful 2010, -- they crashed and burned. I guess they want to do that again?

I don't get it.

Love the new patterned colorway of the Frayed Tunic Dress ($128).

Pouting aside, with some digging I've been able to find some exceptionally cute new items among the fray. Because I can't give up on Anthro entirely...I just pray each week that they'll find their way again.

Some of the new collaborations are very exciting. I'm delighted that Anthropologie is now carrying Make Beauty for instance, a brand I've only seen in the highest-end department stores.

My newest wishlist additions include:
1 | The Joanna Top ($78), a soft-looking and well-draped top with potential.
2 | The Velvet Open-Shoulder Top ($88) which is a pretty pink with good length.
3 | The Pilcro Washed Chino Skirt ($88) that just seems like a true Spring winner.
4 | The playful and fun Lora Top ($68), though I wouldn't want 18 more tops like it.
5 | The Alisha Camo Anorak ($158) which looks like it got every detail right.
6 | The dingy-beautiful Helena Silk Dress ($448).
7 | Deletta comes through with the appealing Margot Gathered Top ($58).
8 | A sweet pairing in the Eberjey Zelia Crisscross Chemise ($98) and the Zella Kimono Robe ($111).
9 | The Wrapped Up Leggings ($100) that make me want to go to Pilates immediately in them!
10 | The Knotted Dita Scarf ($198) which looks like such a fun statement making outfit topper.

Whether mini, full size, or luster, latte bowls are on promo!

Also, not new but very important side-note: all full-price latte bowls are 20% off for a limited time!! Squeee!!

The Itinerary Bomber ($128) is 40% off until 4 PM today!

AND Anthropologie is running a FLASH SALE on selected coats through 4 PM, today ONLY. Use the code COUNTDOWN at checkout to get 40% off the selected coats.

Here are some coat picks:
1 | Hilltop Ruched Bomber ($98 + 40% off)
2 | Itinerary Bomber ($128 + 40% off)
3 | Blocked Sherpa Bomber ($148 + 40% off)
4 | Pilcro Denim Jacket ($138 + 40% off, size up)

What's on your Anthropologie wishlist right now?