Enjoy an extra 40% off Anthropologie Sale items this weekend!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Anthropologie's sale items are an extra 40% off this weekend.
photo via Anthropologie's Chicago Ave store

As hoped for by this community, Anthropologie's sale items are an extra 40% off this long holiday weekend! No code required; this discount reflects at checkout.

Inside, what to look for from the sale section...

My much-loved Quilted Cozy Coat (now $80 + 40% off) is a steal now! Runs large, size down.
See it on me here.

I don't know about your local stores, but mine have been filled to the gills with sale items. It's mostly boxy, shopworn and cropped or off-shoulder stuff, but there are some gems to be had.

Here are my picks from the current availability:
1 | The Itinerary Bomber (now $90 + 40% off) is a coat that's sure to please through Spring. I'm picking this one up today; the only question is which color to get!
2 | Although its lack of closure is annoying, the Fada Fleece Jacket (now $60 + 40% off) is so soft and wonderful, everyone deserves something this nice to put on each chilly morning.
3 | The Dara Vegan Leather Jacket (now $100 + 40% off) is such a steal now!
4 | The Lumi Velvet Blazer (now $40 + 40% off) has been a total work hit for me -- clients love the spin on the classic blazer and it's earned cool points with my coworkers too. I sized up in this.
5 | The Alma Turtleneck Sweater (now $60 + 40% off) brightens up Winter nicely.
6 | As does the highly-rated and classic Anthroesque Winter Bouquet Pullover (now $90 + 40% off).
7 | The Speckled V-Neck Pullover (now $100 + 40% off) is so wonderfully warm! I wear mine with a blue faux-suede skirt and the combo is cold-weather perfection. The neckline frames necklaces perfectly. (I usually wear the sweater with this one.)
8 | I'm surprised that the Cadre Knit Military Jacket (now $90 + 40% off) is still available -- but with this promo I expect it won't be for long!
9 | The Marie Cabled Pullover (now $40 + 40% off) runs a little large and may be itchy for less itch-tolerant folks, but the cabling is beautiful and this sweater is nice and warm.
10 | There are some older popbacks showing right now and I'm unsure if they're real or not, but I want to share them just in case! First up is the Ribboned Cables Pullover (now $20 + 40% off), a long and flattering sweater with pretty accents.
11 | The Laced Betten Sweater (now $30 + 40% off) has a beautiful pick-stitch and cute lace accents.
12 | I adore my Caprea Marled Vest (now $40 + 40% off), and it's popped back this morning!
13 | Although off-the-shoulder, the Starlit Off-The-Shoulder Top (now $50 + 40% off) is so gorgeous I think it'd be fun to make it work.
14 | The casual Thea Ruffled Peplum Top (now $30 + 40% off) is perfect under winter jackets, military parkas and cardigans too.
15 | I'm surprised by how lovely the Eyre Velvet Halter Top (now $60 + 40% off) is in person; I think it would be great under a blazer for work.
16 | I love the way the rose Amanna Lace Top (now $50 + 40% off) looks with blue!!
17 | Soft and long, the Blue Night Buttondown (now $60 + 40% off) is a great casual shirt.
18 | The Mariona Shirtdress (now $50 + 40% off) works in a variety of ways -- as a dress, a layer of dresses, or a topper.
19 | I adore the deep pink color and brilliant fit of the Mulberry Cross-Back Dress (now $120 + 40% off), though if you're busty you'll want to size up.
20 | The Grecco Midi Dress (now $80 + 40% off) is an investment in your Spring closet's happiness.

What items are you looking to find with this promo?