Investigating Anthropologie's new arrivals

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Floral Netted Skirt ($168) and Ruffled Nobility Top ($78) make for a cute outfit combination.

I am looking for a silver lining among Anthropologie's new arrivals. Truly. I know that January is a bit of a fashion wasteland as far as designers and retailers are concerned -- clearance sales and resortwear don't exactly make for huge profits -- and being a January baby I get somewhat defensive about it, wishing for better during my birthday month. This year so many retailers have come through with exciting and pretty lines to break other people's January gloom, much to my delight!

And then, there is Anthro, poor lost Anthro. They seem to be going very West Coast Chic for their Spring line...and I am saddened. The last time they did this, 2012, it was a disaster for them, and I can't imagine why they decided to revisit it this year. I can't relate to doesn't appeal to me...and it isn't very wearable for the most part. Digging through the new arrivals section for pretties, I feel like I'm hunting through a messy 12-year-old girl's room.

Even the store Instagrams are a hunt for inspiration right now, though they are trying their best! One oft-regrammed photo among the Anthro stores shows an incredibly 70s neck-tie shirt and mom jeans so acid washed and high-waisted that they make me think of that SNL skit. This is the best we have to offer right now?

And so I've dug and I've dug to find some items that I love among the madness, because there is always something good to find at Anthropologie. Even if this collection won't exactly set my wallet on fire.

The AMO Crop Straight Mid-Rise Jeans ($268) are a great shade, and hide a cute detail in the back.

There are hints at what could be delights to come. I am in love with the Silk Swing Cami ($58) for instance -- on my second color and angling for a third. Cloth & Stone is also really holding it down right now, delivering soft beauties like the Strappy V-Neck Blouse ($88), Ladder Lace Henley ($88, also in chambray), Lazuli Halter Dress ($128) and Frayed Tunic Dress ($128).

And a few items hit the mark on being classics with a bit of a twist, like the Grace Cashmere Pullover ($208), Pilcro Washed Chino Skirt ($88), Citizens of Humanity Liya Cutoff Denim Skirt ($248), Grandesse Skirt ($148) and Felisa Paperbag-Waisted Skirt ($158), the last of which I wrote a review for that should be showing up soon. (I hope.)

Dresses are a total struggle for me right now. I like the Madge Off-The-Shoulder Swing Dress ($148), Gallerina Tunic Dress ($198) and Gingham Off-The-Shoulder Dress ($158), but two of those three are off-the-shoulder! While I love that trend in summer, it hardly feels practical to be buying such things now except perhaps for travel purposes.

The Gingham Off-The-Shoulder Dress ($158), travel-ready and cute.

Most of my new arrivals wishlist is accessories, where Anthropologie does have many cute new arrivals! I'd love to have the Crown Posts ($32), Ailynne Stone Hoops ($68) and Layered Stone Necklace ($118) from the latest jewelry for instance. There are also so many fantastic new bags, including the Flora Foldover Clutch ($98), Ezio Suede Backpack ($98) and Clare V. Jules Messenger Bag ($378). My closet would be better off having the Blues Leather Belt ($78) and Lola Cruz Lace-Up Suede Sandals ($218) in it.

Over in sunglasses, I'm tickled to see Ray-Ban Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses ($200) in pink and multicolor...but then I see Anthropologie has their own version for just $38, which makes me wonder if they're not being a little silly carrying two designer options and their own all at the same time? Oh well, the Ray-Ban Signet Square Aviator Sunglasses ($185) also look great.

What new arrivals are you liking right now at Anthropologie, and what's left you scratching your head?