Anthropologie takes additional cuts off its sale!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sale, sale, deeper sale on some items at Anthropologie today.

Is the Tag Sale suddenly over? It shouldn't be (at least not based on what I was told this weekend in-store) but as of this morning the TAGTIME code is no longer working. What did happen overnight however was lots of further cuts on sale items! Some cuts are even deeper than the extra 40% off would have been.

Inside, 2nd cuts that caught my eye.

The Silk One-Shoulder Blouse (now $30) is one of the items to receive an additional cut.

Here are some of the deeper 2nd cuts I see:
Cabled Pullover (now $50)
Celestial Lace Maxi Dress (now $60) -- a favorite of mine, I wear it with a leather jacket
Cheshire Dress (now $50)
Darla Tulle Dress (now $50)
Erine Beaded Mini Skirt (now $40)
Eyre Velvet Halter Top (now $50)
Felted Florals Pullover (now $50)
Lace Dropwaist Dress (now $50) -- one of the higher-rated dresses still around
Lumi Velvet Blazer (now $40)
Napa Lazer-Cut Leather Skirt (now $50)
Norwich Open-Shoulder Pullover (now $40)
Open-Shoulder Velvet Midi Dress (now $70)
Papillon Flutter Top (now $30)
Pom-Knit Pullover (now $40)
Resolution Velvet Dress (now $100)
Rosewood Lace Blouse (now $20) -- we know how good this one can look when styled well!
Sequin-Striped Pencil Skirt (now $40)
Shimmered Floral Windbreaker (now $60)
The Essential Slim (now $40)
Travis Cargo Jacket (now $50)
Velvet Shirtdress (now $50)
Wool Dropwaist Dress (now $40) -- one of my favorite Tag Sale pickups!
Zeri Peasant Dress (now $30) -- if I didn't already own this I'd be picking it up for next spring, summer and fall!

I am shocked, shocked, that suede culottes, gilded culottes and velvet wide-legs haven't sold even at a discounted sale price. What is some of this stuff??!?

One question I know will be asked is "Can I get a PA to the new price plus the extra 40% off?" and the answer is no. You can get a PA to the new lower price, but SAs will not be able to apply the now-expired (maybe?) extra 40% off on top of it.

It appears that store inventory is still not on for the sale items. I will also warn you that if you do go to the store today it's very likely that the items that received an additional cut may not be marked down in-store. Although stores do their best to keep up I have noticed in the past that stores get overwhelmed with inventory around Tag Sale time, and often aren't able to keep up with all the price changes.

Will you be tempted by further sale?