Dear Anthropologie Bring These Items Back (Round 2)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Aida Cowlneck (review), one of about 1.5 million items I'd like to see Anthropologie re-release.

A few years ago, Anthropologie celebrated its 20th anniversary by re-releasing some of its favorite pieces in an Archival collection. (You can read about it in this post, and reviews here.) Rumors are stirring that Anthropologie is thinking of doing another Archival collection and this community has some ideas! We've visited this topic once before and I'd love to see all those items let's have a fresh discussion with even more goodies I'd like to see at Anthro again.

I know you're all eager to discuss this topic; I have spent the last few days rounding up some items I could think of. It's been a fun blast from the past and I'm sure there are many items I'm forgetting. I'll start the conversation by sharing some of the items I'd like to see back and then please share yours in the comments...

The Changing Stripes Dress (review), which was perfect its first time around and just needs to come back!
(Maybe with thicker removable straps.)

To me, the items I'd like to see revisited at Anthropologie fall into four categories: Bring it back so I can buy it again; Bring it back because I missed it the first time around; Bring it back and make it better and Bring it back because other people want it.

Bring it back so I can buy it again.
Over time my style has changed somewhat, and so has my size. Sometimes I'm smaller and sometimes I'm bigger; sometimes I want preppy and clean cut and other times I want ruffles everywhere. (OK, I always want ruffles everywhere.)

Whatever the reason, there are some Anthropologie items I owned at one time and would love to own again:
:: The Diaphanous Tunic (review). A perfect amount of ruffles on a chiffon blouse. I would love to see this in silk with more darting for a better overall fit, but the way it was also works!
:: The Elodie Lily Cardigan (review). Everything about this cardi was so great! If it comes back I'd love to see three inches lopped off the bottom, but everything else (including those translucent purple buttons) must be the same!
:: The Ferrous Flower Sheath (all over this blog). Quite simply my all-time favorite Anthropologie item. NOTHING about this item needs to change; it just needs to come back. Ferrous Flower Sheath. Ferrous Flower Sheath. Ferrous Flower Sheath. Ferrous Flower Sheath!!!
:: The Changing Stripes Dress (above, review). The most comfortable strapless dress Anthropologie ever made. I'd love thicker removable shoulder straps, but otherwise this dress is another perfect item.

Bring it back because I missed it.
Sometimes the budget dictated that I couldn't invest in an Anthropologie item, especially when I was first falling in love with the brand. Names of items before 2009 escape me are some of the items I could remember that I'd love to buy now.

:: The Wildflower Cardigan (more on it here). I did manage to acquire this one from a community member, but the fit was always a bit off for me. I'd love to see a revised design on this with a thinner wool. Or they could re-release it, but with the waist actually nipped in like the product shot (falsely) promises!
:: The Wool Finch Skirt (more on it here). Quite simply missed the boat on this one.
:: The Sweet William Blouse (review). I still clearly remember seeing this dress in the 5th Ave Anthropologie (NYC) and thinking oh, I'll check it out next time. Only next time I came it was long sold out. *Cries*
:: The Tatra Vista Shell (more on it here). I had this in my hot little hands for a moment but decided to wait for it to hit sale, and then when it did hit sale it sold out from right under me. I would love to see the design revised so it's not so prone to sliding off-shoulder, but even as it is this top is lovely, lovely, especially in ivory.
:: The Loverly Dress. How adorable is that green grosgrain sash? But I'm going to guess I'd need more room in the chest than this dress originally had. More on that below.

Bring it back and make it better.
There are oh so many Anthropologie items that looked promising in the catalogue (lookbook, journal, whatever they're calling it now) or in the online product shot and then were a devastating disappointment in real life (moreso because it had so much promise in my head!). Here are some items I'd like to see back, but only if they are improved upon from the original.
:: The Ottoman Poppies Tank. This top looks like it nipped in between the bust and the waist, but it was actually big ol' rectangle in real life. Let's fix that! And maybe instead of a beige base color, ivory. Or lavender.
:: The Gathering Breeze Dress (and its cousin the Lace & Light Dress, review, OOTD) -- The bodice on this dress was wayyyyyyyyyyyy too short. That is a recurring theme with Anthropologie, and one that I'd love to see taken care of!
:: The Honeyhouse Dress. I owned this dress for a bit, but once my chest reached DD cups this no longer fit. How about helping out the busty amoung us Anthro? It costs about $0.12 during production per piece to make a A-D cup version and a DD/DDD version. HELP SOME SISTERS OUT HERE.
:: The Glass of Bubbily Dress
:: The With the Sun Blouse (review). If this top were longer and sturdier it would have looked great on me. Try again, please! Make it longer.
:: The Follow the Leader Cardigan. Make it longer.
:: The Esja Blouse. Make it longer.
:: The The Aida Cowlneck topping this post. Make it longer.
:: The Bungalow Dress. Seriously though Anthropologie, make it longer. And consider releasing both a A-D version and a DD/DDD version. And watch the sizing, as this dress ran about 3 sizes small!
:: The Winding Ruffle Boots. Consider this a plea for a wide-calf version of your boots. If J.Crew can do it, you can do it!

Bring it back because other people want it.
Every so often I'll get an email asking, "Would you sell your so-and-so item?" There's a demand for these, Anthropologie.

:: The Filamentous Cardigan (OOTD 1/2/3). I'm never selling mine, so it needs to come back! (In a full size range of course. I'd buy it again probably.)
:: The Inverness Trench (review, OOTD). This trench was featured in one of the Twilight films -- or so everyone who emails me to ask me to sell says. I will never know, I will never sell. This trench has the cutest little bow in the back! Everyone deserves that. Anthropologie, don't make people sad. Bring this one back!

Alright community, it's your turn! What items should Anthropologie bring back for its next Archival Collection?