Post Anthro-Day weekend Monday morning hangover prescription

Monday, March 21, 2016

Just what the doctor ordered -- cute new arrivals!
I'm in love with this Valma Tiered Tank ($68).

How did Anthro weekend treat you, community? I helped several friends (and a few former personal shopping clients) shop for new outfits and we had a great time! The vibe in the NYC Anthros I visited was festive with long lines at each store. I'm feeling a bit of a post-shopping hangover to be honest...and was cheered right up this morning by some of the cute new arrivals on Anthropologie's site.

Dear Anthropologie, dear dear Anthropologie, I look at items like the Valma Tiered Tank ($68) and fall in love not only with it, but also the necklace shown with it. Unfortunately this necklace in neither linked in the "Get the look" section nor does it appear to be online anywhere in the jewelry section. This makes me tear my hair out. You are losing an easy upsell Anthropologie, because I would order both rightthisinstant.

It's like this is your mindset:
1. Show cute top with pretty necklace.
2. ???
3. Profit!

Allow my to fill in the ??? for you -- link to the dang necklace too! Even if it's not available yet. Even if it's sold out. Help a poor shopping-hungover sister out here.

Rant aside, this cute layered top is just one of several newly added to my wishlist, oops sorry, 'registry.' Add to that the cute polka-dotted blue version of the Weekdays Layered Tank ($68), the maybe too-short Cora Clipdot Blouse ($88) and the nearly ruffled Pomona Peplum Tank ($58). So close to full ruffle. It's OK Anthropologie, you can embrace ruffles again. Ruffles are coming back big-time. Be the ruffle! We love the ruffles.

A few other cute casual things catching my eye...

A favorite of mine, though I wish they were 5" long instead of 4".
Likewise, the Pilcro Stet Chino Capris ($88) are coming in lots of fun colors this year
and appear to be a good length.

Thumbs up Anthropologie. Perfect casual skirt.

If you need a more dreamy palate cleanser, try the Calla Silk Gown ($598), the Ginger Convertible Maxi ($310, also in pink), or the Cezembre Dress ($298). Yum!