Metapost: Be back soon!

Monday, January 18, 2016

By the time you read this post I will be in the jungles of Costa Rica on an amazing work retreat! I will be gone until the end of the month...which seems like a long time as I type this but will most likely fly by. While I'm gone, I will have little to no internet access or cell phone service. My good friend MacGruffRuff, who has filled in for me before will be combing the comments for outlandish spam posts.

A few things to know:
- The comments moderation queue will not be combed daily. If you'd like to make sure your comments get published, you can sign up for an IntenseDebate account. I also recommend posting your comments from the same device whenever possible -- if you tend to float from laptop to cell phone and back again, this can also cause your comments to get caught up in the queue.

- I have posts scheduled to run nearly every day while I'm gone, mostly open threads with a few regular posts (i.e. the Sale Guessing Game) and new content.

While I'm gone...
- Feel free to notify the community of any promos in the comments!
- If there is a sale, feel free to link to sale items! (no affiliate links please)
- If there is anything Anthro related you want to talk about, use the comments even if it's off-topic to a particular post!
- If there are spam comments, simply click the "report" link in the comment
- Ditto inappropriate comments. Just click "report".

Please do not:
- Link to your own blog in your comments, except on the Weekly EA Community reviews post where you are welcome to do so
- No obscenities or arguments please, let's keep things cool like we always do

I'll miss you while I'm gone Community!!! Kisses and I'll check in if/when I can.