Checking in with Anthropologie's new arrivals -- something for them, something for you

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A perfect little gift that can hold trinkets, jewelry, or any number of little things.

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Hanukkah may be over for 2015, but there's apparently some other holiday or two happening later this month...? Something with...trees? Have you heard of it?

All kidding aside, Christmas is nearly here and with the joy of some last-minute party invites, some new friendships kindling and some family I need to shop for, my current new arrivals wishlist is a decent mix of gifts for them and gifts for me. Inside, lots of amazing options for them under $25 and under $50, plus some things I'd like for myself that may cost a little more than that...

The ideal gift set for the jet-setter, or anyone who likes to sleep.

My ever-growing Christmas shopping list means that the budget for all but my closest friends is getting stretched pretty thin -- and theirs is surely too. I have several people to shop for where my limit is under $25 or under $50 -- two categories that Anthropologie somehow manages to cater to. Add in that most of us are apartment dwellers and well, it limits our options considerably. One gift I've picked for a few of my friends is the Domesticated Trinket Dish ($22) topping this post, which any pet-loving jewelry wearer is sure to adore. And the dish can hold other stuff too, like keys by the front door or office supplies on a desk. Very versatile, very cute!

Another gift I've picked up in multiples is the Tocca Wanderlust Gift Set ($48) seen above, which includes a soft sleeping mask, a candle and a teeny perfume and comes in three different scents. I've given this to a few of my friends going away for the holidays, especially those going to the in-laws or their own parents. It also works for my oft-traveled close ones and really, for anyone who is complaining about a lack of rest this time of year. Sleep masks are amazing things...even with shorter winter days. Also a great gift for jet-setters or those who like to carry small purses is the Triple C Power Card Ultra Thin Charger ($36) which works with my iPhone 6 just fine so I'm not sure what that review is all about, or the Floribunda Backup iPhone Battery ($32). This one also has a negative review which I'm surprised by...I have one of the chargers from last year and I'm wondering if perhaps the reviewer plugged the charger in backwards? I make this mistake often with mine and so it appears not to charge my phone, but once I realize my error and flip it around the phone charges just fine.

I also have several host/hostess gifts to purchase, both for the holidays and to thank generous people for their recent past hospitality. For all but the scent-hating, I'm buying the incredible Mercury Moonglow Candle ($30-$40) in either mulled wine (which is like crack to me right now, I'm already nearly through my first one) or vanilla fig. Another surefire host/hostess gift (except for those who don't drink) is the Noctua Wing Corkscrew ($32). It looks like an owl! (Here's another corkscrew option that's on sale and perfect for the crafter, sewer or fashionista in your life.) Or how about a bottle stopper (now $10) that's quite crafty too? For the right person, The Private Lives Of Sun Signs ($30) is a fantastic coffee table book or conversation starter. Ditto the Absolutely Beautiful Things ($30) book which showcases brilliant and bold interior design.

For my friends or cousins that I love but am not especially close to and are really hard to shop for, I like to pick small things that have a personal touch. One of my favorites in this are to give are bobbies, like the Galanteries Bobby Set ($34, above) or the Enola Bobby Set ($28). A fun way to go with people like these that perhaps you've drawn in the family or office pool is something like the Gilded Bunny Print ($48) which is a cute distraction that works in cubicle, bathroom or bedroom alike. At a lower budget, it's hard to go wrong with something like the pretty and fun Plumed Writing Pen ($12, I bought all 4 for myself!) or the Bellina Blooms Bowl ($18), perhaps filled with little treats.

Secret Santa/Yankee Swap participants are sure to love something like the Metallic Idiom Pencil Case ($24) which can hold pencils, makeup, phone accessories, all sorts of things really! There's also a more matte version for those who like color but not shine. It's hard to go wrong with something like The Reluctant Trading Experiment Masala Chai Tea ($14) or the Par Avion Tea ($25), which even if your recipient does not drink make excellent display items that convey worldliness.

Every kid needs this book.

For the children in your life Anthropologie has many delights to choose from! My favorites are this The Little Prince Pop-Up Book ($35) above, this Magic Wand ($24) which comes in two varieties, and for those who are beyond the put-everything-in-their-mouth stage these Nesting Critter Dolls ($38) are so cute!

And then I shall wrap it all up in the pretty Parcel & Present Wrapping Sheets ($10) or the brilliant Chalkboard Gift Wrap ($14).

Psst, Santa. I'd love to see the Ribboned Cables Pullover ($158) under my tree.

Then of course there are a few stocking stuffers I'd like for myself. Stocking stuffers. Like the Ruffled Cable Over-The-Knee Socks ($24). Or the Chevron Stripe Over-The-Knee Socks ($30). Or the Beaded Fairisle Pullover ($148). Or the Overland Sweater Coat ($138). Or the Nolina Pullover ($88). Or the Ambrose Knit Jacket ($118), which is soooooooooo very soft.

Those all fit in stockings, right?