A Tuesday morning treat! Free Shipping, no minimum at Anthropologie!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Here's a delightful morning treat from Anthropologie. For a 'limited time' Anthropologie is offering FREE SHIPPING with no minimum order total! Use the code NOMINIMUM at checkout!

This is a very sweet offer on Anthropologie's part. However I can't help but be a little Grinchy about this one. Because Anthropologie has been using LASERSUCK (cue lightning bolts, dark storm clouds and evil laughter) to ship their packages lately, and Lasership is not reliable in my area at all (3 lost packages and counting this year!) I've been springing for 2-day shipping lately on my Anthro orders. It's delivered by UPS who may be overwhelmed with packages right now, but at least they get here. Not so much with Lasersuck!

Free People recently offered a free 2-day shipping upgrade Anthro. I'm putting some sibling rivalry in place here -- are you really gonna let Free People show you up on this??? Come on now.

Will you take advantage of this offer? (I probably will.)

Fresh post coming up later today on EA!