Updated: Playing the Sale Guessing Game

Monday, October 19, 2015

Anthropologie is shifting its sale schedule around once again -- instead of Monday being sale day this week, sale is on the way tomorrow! Will tomorrow's sale be big or small? I'm not sure, so let's play the Sale Guessing Game and wonder what might be marked down tomorrow!

Note: Updated inside with some items our tipsters tell us will be on sale tomorrow...

This post is no guarantee that any of these items will actually be on  sale come tomorrow. All community reports are unofficial. What are you hoping to see? What do you think will/won't go on sale? Any 2nd/3rd/etc cuts you're dancing for?

I want to thank all of our community tipsters!!!! You are all amazing, and your tips help us out so much.

The following items will be on sale tomorrow, according to tipsters (UNofficial):
Carwen Embroidered Top ($98)
Cedez Tank ($78)
Cowlknit Midi Dress ($138)
Crossfront Lola Dress ($138)
Delony Lace Skirt ($198)
Embroidered Syden Shirtdress ($148)
Folksong Shift ($138)
Kalila Embroidered Tank ($88)
Lace Petal Tank ($78)
Morning Walk Pullover ($128)
Penthe Tank ($68)
Point Blazer ($148)
Safari Joggers ($98)
Valonia Cardigan ($98)

Waverly Sweater Tank ($78)

About due for a shuffle to sale.
Anayet Tunic Dress ($138)
Apres Tunic ($88)
Askew Shirtdress ($138)
Banded Confetti Cardigan ($98)
Betsan Pullover ($118)
Blocked Pleats Skirt ($398)
Blockprint Shirtdress ($148)
Button-Back Pencil Dress ($370)
Calendula Dress ($228)
Cape Jasmine Petite Dress ($138)
Cross Contour Top ($208)
Cutwork Ivory Petite Tee ($225)
Devan Buttondown ($88)
Dipped Scoop Tank ($58)
Dovetailed Dolman Tee ($108)
East River Pullover ($98)
Embroidered Lera Maxi Dress ($348)
Emon Petite Dress ($168)
Essential Jersey Tank ($78)
Evaline Dress ($138)
Garden Fete Dress ($598)
Harmonia Reversible Tank ($340)
Hattie Tank ($88)
Jardinier Petite Dress ($158)
Kalix Dress ($138)
Lace-Dipped Sweatshirt ($68)
La Vie Hoodie ($108)
Lillan Lace Shift ($295)
Lilith Buttondown ($88)
Margot Pencil Dress ($288)
Martes Cardigan ($78)
Mocoa Dress ($248)
Mona Dress ($258)
Mythos Dress ($295)
Nellore Blouse ($98)
Opuntia Buttondown ($98)
Parisian Tee ($68)
Pieced Brocade Dress ($268)
Pina Lace Top ($118)
Raglan Boucle V-Neck ($98)
Ruffled Lyon Dress ($228)
Ruffled Peplum Top ($138)
Ruffled Silk Midi Skirt ($295)
Salento Slip Dress ($168)
Sapin Cowl Pullover ($78)
Saybrook Stripe Dress ($168)
Scalloped Stripe Cardigan ($88)
Sforzando Sequined Dress ($598)
Shadowplay Column Skirt ($150)
Siwan Tunic Dress ($198)
Slubbed Stripe Pullover ($88)
Stonestripe Tank ($44)
Sunrose Dress ($268)
Tanwen Pencil Skirt ($118)
Tarja Midi Dress ($319)
Tearoom Pencil Skirt ($88)
Third Street Top ($88)
Tiered Swing Hoodie ($88)
Tulle Midi Skirt ($168)
Yuca Tunic ($228)
Zipped Grid Tank ($88)
Zipped Utility Skirt ($118)

Top of my wishlist:
Astin Wrap Skirt ($128)
Colorblocked Knit Pencil Skirt ($98)
Diamond Dot Vegan Leather Skirt ($128)
Edda Lace Top ($88)
Morning Walk Pullover ($128)
Slubbed High-Low Pullover ($78)

What are you hoping to see on sale tomorrow? What are you hoping to see 2nd/3rd/etc cuts on? Feel free to list any item you'd like to see cut in the comments but please don't link to pages I've already listed here. Thanks!