First dibs! Shop Anthropologie's November New Arrivals First

Monday, October 26, 2015

Some classic Anthro details in a new modern shape...nice!

Anthropologie seems to know that we are ready for some new pieces to drool over, so this morning it welcomed the week with its First Dibs page for November. This page is only going to be live for about 36 more hours after which time it...self destructs? I don't really know. It certainly dovetails nicely with the Free Shipping with no minimum that also launched this morning.

The Embroidered Perennial Dress ($198) topping this post is one of my favorites -- I spotted it in-store during a quick purchase trip and will go back on Wednesday to try it on. I can't wait! Also making its formal introduction is the 'Ice Blue Princess Coat' which we now know is really called the Collared Beatrix Coat ($348). I gotta tell you ladies, I tried this one on and I was not nearly as enamored of it as many in the community have been. But I totally get the appeal. The Larkin Dress ($168) and Minette Dress ($198) seem much more up my alley, love those t-straps with the latter dress too!

Over in shiny sparkly territory I'm loving the Starry Night Skirt ($225), the Moonbeam Skirt ($168), the Miss Albright Skylar Heels ($128), the Sunniva Earrings ($88) and the Pearl-Swept Velvet Pouch ($68)...oh, and the amazing Giza Ring ($68). LOVE!

What is your favorite item from the first dibs page? Will you order anything while Free Shipping/no minimum is in effect?