Eye Candy: Anthropologie September 2015 Lookbook

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Let's start with the good: I like the skirt and I'm delighted by its sub-$100 price point.
However, I think the sweatshirt looks sooooo sloppy paired with it, and I can't believe
that it's a Field Flower by Wendi Reed piece. Wha??? 

Anthropologie's September 2015 Lookbook is here and it's...alright...? I don't know, I wish I could rave about these photos the way I loved the first dibs that came out yesterday. But in truth, je ne comprends pas. You're in Paris, Anthropologie. One of the most amazing city backdrops there is. In most of these photos the clothing doesn't jump out at me, it doesn't say Paris in any way shape or form and it doesn't get me very excited about these items either.

Then again to be fair I have to say that the Fall 2015 NYFW was one of the least interesting fashion weeks I can remember. I felt incredibly uninspired by what walked down the runways and it was clear that the designers too were struggling to incorporate the trend reports into their shows. Anthro is hardly alone here. The stores that are bucking the trend -- J.Crew comes immediately to mind -- are the stores perking me up a bit (and they seem to have gone way off from what their own Fall 2015 presentation promised -- thank god).

So, get ready for a lot of 70s-inspired stuff this fall at Anthro it seems. My least favorite fashion decade...

Outskirts Necklace ($128), Freya Floppy Hat ($78).
This is...fine.

Astin Wrap Skirt ($128, blue color not showing yet), 
Nina Payne Zelda Chelsea Boots ($256, not showing as in-stock yet).
I like this shot a lot because it shows off the lengthening properties of the silhouette.
This trench is one of my favorite new arrivals, and while I think I like the garnet color of
the skirt better, this does give me options. It's beautiful in either color!

Pop quiz: is this photo from a Free People catalogue or an Anthropologie one?
Admittedly, I like it. I would totally do this.

Stunning detail shot!

This is one of the shots in the lookbook that bugs me to no end.
Does the pullover even look flattering here?

Overall I hate to say it but this catalogue is a huge miss for me. If you're going to do 70s, why not go to Vegas? (I'm not joking.) Or at least Los Angeles? Somewhere where the backdrop speaks to the clothing, highlights it and makes it intriguing. Nothing about Paris says 1970s to me and the dissonance is making me less interested in the clothing. Not to mention these uninspired poses and places.

I'm glad they avoided the cliche Eiffel Tower shot, but what about posing outside one of the jazz clubs in the 1st arrondissement at night? Or walking through the Puces de Vanves or Marché aux Puces? (Paris flea markets.) Perhaps browsing or picking up a book from one of the many 70s-esque bookstands along Boulevard JFK? A pose along one of the many beautiful Paris bridges? Walking up the hills or stairs of Monmartre, or even right outside that one Montmartre Metro station with the endless stairs and the carousel where the buskers gather? I guess I'm just floored by the missed opportunities here to make use of the setting. Sitting at a cafe? Looking out the window in an empty apartment? Snooze. Have we not seen this in the last NYC catalogue, the last English countryside catalogue and so on down the line? Even the catalogues Anthro used to do in its old abandoned house except for a few weirdly posed chairs and mantels were more interesting than this.

Also, does anyone else feel that this lookbook is a bit...I dunno...post-apocalyptic??!? How is there no one else in any of these photos? Why is she constantly looking over her shoulder? She's always alone and seems to be constantly searching. Is this her version of I am Legend, except instead of posing mannequins to greet her at select stores she just dresses up and hopes someone comes to meet her? It's just odd solitude. There isn't even a poodle to keep her company.

You can do better Anthro! It's a good thing I'm so excited about some of the other non-catalogue new arrivals. (Post upcoming.)

What do you think of the September 2015 Lookbook?