First dibs! Shop Anthropologie's August new arrivals first

Monday, July 27, 2015

make for a beautiful juxtaposition of strength and femininity.

Though high summer has just arrived in this place we call reality, retailers are moving on to fall where layers abound. Anthropologie is no different and with their just-unveiled First Dibs page for August 2015 it's hard to not let my mind run ahead to cooler days. (No rush though Mother Nature, seriously.)

If this is the way Anthropologie plans to go for fall I'm all aboard -- I'm loving what I see! If your mind is thinking about tall boots be sure to check the page out. My favorites include the Orlana Top ($68) which will be perfect with both jeans and longer skirts; the Vegan Leather Bomber ($188) which I love in the dark orange, though I wish it were longer overall; the Shadowplay Column Skirt ($150); the Garden-Hem Dress ($295); the Birding Tote ($148); the beautiful and flowy looking Larkhill Swing Dress ($188); and the much-expanded color range of the Billy Ella Lace-Up Flats ($168) -- ooooh, blush. Items I don't quite get? This jacket, which apparently even Anthro is struggling to come up with a name for. I'm curious to see how it looks in real life.

Do you have a favorite item from the First Dibs page? You can check them all out here. I'll have an August catalogue preview up soon.