Anthropologie, did you name this dress after me? (And a couple other random musings)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Yup, this is totally a Thea Dress ($188).

My given name is pretty rare...and when I was a kid it was even more rare that someone would say it correctly. These days Thea (roxy is my beloved nickname) is a little more popular, thanks in part to TV shows like Arrow and celebs searching for children names that aren't frequently used. Although then they become more frequently used, so...

When I saw HD in Paris's Thea Dress ($188) my first instinct was to run out to a store to try it on...but of course it is an online exclusive. I'll wait for the next shipping promo instead. What a kick though! Not only is the dress definitely right up my alley, it's also modeled by my favorite model, giving her classic "Yeah I look good, what of it?" smirk that I adore.

This dress. I wants it!

In this outfit: the Pointelle Colonnade Cardigan ($228), V-Neck Camisole (now $20),

Love the styling of this look! I have to say that when Anthropologie's styling team is on fire, I save at least 5 to 8 new outfit ideas down to my clipbook each week. I love the beachy vibe of this outfit and kinda wish I'd seen it earlier, before embarking on my trip. Oh well! It will look just as good when I get home.

The Bon Voyage Dress ($168) sure looks familiar! 

I was delighted beyond delight to see the Bon Voyage Dress, aka the Schooner Dress from Girls From Savoy now being offered at Anthropologie! I reviewed the original last summer in this post and was actually just thinking about how I can't wait to wear this dress on Cape Cod later this summer.

The dress has changed slightly from its GFS-produced days. It's now alpha-sized for one thing; the dress I tried was numero-sized. Note that the pattern placement will vary from dress to dress -- if you can get to a store to try this one it's worth it.

What's gorgeous to you this fine Tuesday? We'll play the Sale Guessing Game tomorrow...a little birdie tells me markdowns are on the way on Thursday.