Playing the Sale Guessing Game

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A tipster tells me that a small clothing sale is on the way tomorrow at Anthropologie! Inside, a few of the goodies that will probably be marked down tomorrow as well as some more items also due for cuts. Let's play the Sale Guessing Game!

This post is no guarantee that any of these items will actually be on  sale come tomorrow. All community reports are unofficial. What are you hoping to see? What do you think will/won't go on sale? Any 2nd/3rd/etc cuts you're dancing for?

I want to thank all of our community tipsters!!!! You are all amazing, and your tips help us out so much.

According to a tipster, the following items will be on sale tomorrow (UNOFFICIAL):

Clementina Pencil Skirt ($118)
Dessie Midi Skirt ($198)
Eclipsed Wrap Dress ($148)
Far Sun Skirt ($128)
Fluttered Maya Blouse ($88)
Glinted Knit Skirt ($198)
Marisol Maxi Dress ($228)
Paned Cocoon Dress ($138)
Sonora Dress ($188)

About due for a shuffle to sale.
Around Town Silk Tee Dress ($158)
Banded Confetti Cardigan ($98)
Beaded Mini Shift ($268)
Cadi Clipdot Pullover ($78)
Capivara Pencil Skirt ($148)
Coco Sequined Tee ($298)
Cutwork Suede Shell ($528)
Dutch Crocus Silk Maxi Dress ($198)
Eliot Buttondown ($288)
Embroidered Octave Dress ($278)
Enak Tiered Maxi Dress ($268)
Eventide Embroidered Organza Dress ($330)
Folia Silk Dress ($409)
Fringed Indigo Top ($118)
Imogen Silk Dress ($198)
Jessamine Petite Dress ($148)
Lasercut Midi Skirt ($118)
Lottie Scalloped Cardigan ($88)
Mona Dress ($258)
Night Rose Dress ($448)
Petula Shift ($275)
Recessed Lace Sweatshirt ($78)
Savan Jacquard Gown ($378)
Silk Cut-Out Dress ($278)
Stripe Maze Petite Sweater Dress ($138)
Sunwashed Buttondown Tunic ($98)

What are you hoping to see on sale tomorrow?