This gear makes working out all the more fun

Thursday, March 26, 2015

In this outfit: Onzie's Elastic Tank ($45), Espana Capri ($65) and Criss-Cross Bra Top in Espana ($42).

I am training for my first-ever triathlon at the moment and as my training and dance schedule kicks into high gear, my investment in workout clothes has increased to match. Many days of the week I work out twice -- before work and after work. Even with two rest days and the occasional day off I need lots of clean stuff available to get me through the week.

Which is why it's so exciting that workout gear keeps getting prettier and prettier! I've tried nearly enough stuff to do another round of reviews (you can see the previous round in this post) but until then I wanted to showcase two of my favorite mixable outfits, put together brilliantly by Carbon38 using entirely Onzie gear.

In this outfit: Onzie's Elastic Tank ($45), Copa Cabana Capri ($56) and Chic Bra ($48).

These outfits are both perfect for me on the days when I go from one class straight to another. Usually my weekend day/evening starts with a dance or pilates class and follows up with high-intensity cardio -- rowing or spin. For awhile I was changing outfits between classes but that got to be ridiculous.

I like these looks because everything is flexible enough to allow me freedom of movement during my classes but don't get in the way when I'm doing floor movements or intense runs in my cardio classes. These aren't the only outfits I wear certainly, and I'll cover more in my next fitness reviews set, but they're two of my favorites right now and it's easy to switch up all these pieces into multiple outfits.

Onzie by the way is 100% designed and made in the USA. Love that!

Some quick fit notes:
The Elastic Tank ($45) is one-size fits all and I'd say it's the equivalent of a medium. It's longer in back, falling below my butt while in the front it hits around my natural waist. Perfect for classes where I normally sweat heavily, like spin. Also available via Onzie's website (you can save 10% off your first order if you sign up for their email newsletter at the bottom of any page).

The Espana Capri ($65) and Copa Cabana Capri ($56) are available in 4 sizes: XS, S/M, M/L and L. (Carbon38 lists them as XS, S, M and L.) I find the capris run a bit large, the M/L is designed to fit a 6/8 in pants and I'm more like an 8/10, but the M/L fits me perfectly to a little loose around the waist. They are very thin -- not much shape compression to them -- but not see-through. Note that the print placement on these varies on each pair of capris. The Espana Capri is also available via Nordstrom or the Onzie website; the Copa Cabana Capri is 25% off at Bloomingdales right now or a slightly different variation of the pant is available via Nordstrom.

The  Chic Bra ($48) and Criss-Cross Bra Top ($42) don't have anything in the way of support but work great for me over a regular bra with a low, thin back band. I take a L/L in both of these for my 34D cup. The Chic Bra is also available on the Onzie website; as is the Criss-Cross Bra Top.

Anthropologie also carries some Onzie gear, including these crops I'm obsessed with and this sports bra that would go well with them. 

What workout gear have you loved lately? Aside from Carbon38, I've also been doing a lot of shopping at the Nike Store and Lululemon