Investigating Anthropologie's Newest Arrivals and What's Topping My Wishlist

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Flamingo Cropped Leggings ($56). Need I say more?

Lots to love and lots to despair over in Anthropologie's spring releases we've seen so far. I suppose it's good that I don't love everything because my wallet and my closet couldn't possibly handle it. So inside a look at a ton of dresses I'm curious about, why so few of Anthro's tops are working for me right now (and examples of what I'd like to see instead) plus shoe porn.

Ready, set, wishlist!

In the dress department I'm loving the mix of mini, maxi, fit and flare and everything in between. There's a really nice mix of shapes and lengths right now which gives me reason to celebrate. I feel that Anthro's gotten a lot better in the last year about making dresses that flatter again though the material choices concern me. More hits than misses though for me.

The only thing missing is workwear. There are a few options but most of what Anthropologie considers work dresses would never fly in my office, even at my current fashion-forward client. There's a certain length and sophistication missing in Anthro's workwear right now. They've nailed it in the past...I have high hopes they can do it again in the future with some deep thought.

The Keira Blouse ($78) -- my thoughts exactly, Ms. Model.

Community, I want to be friends with this model! Every product photo with her on Anthropologie's website is hilarious because you can clearly tell whether she likes the item she's modeling or not. Curved up smirk = luvs it, makes it work. Curved down frown = no way, no how. And like her I'm totally dubious about the Keira Blouse ($78) which is so close to what I want an Anthro top to be, but too loose and boxy to feel right.

The photo above sums up how I feel about just about every Anthro top right now. I wanted to select a whole bunch to showcase here...but I couldn't do it. There just isn't much to love and even these picks below are just alright rather than true delights. I don't mind a few really long tops or a few boxy ones or a few oversized ones. There are just no body-skimming, well-proportioned tops to balance all those out. What's missing? Tailoring. Anything with waist definition.

Because I think it's helpful to have examples of what I'm talking about, here are some blouses and tees from Anthropologie's past that fit the ideas in my head. I realize there's no going backwards in fashion and that's not what I'm asking for -- what I want is simply more attention paid to waists, seaming, necklines and sleeves that flatter someone with an hourglass shape. In fact most of these tops were universally flattering if memory serves. Remember universally flattering clothing!??!

Note: Since these items are all from several years past, no affiliate links are used in this list only.
- Remember Me Surplice (It ran short and the neckline is very deep. Love it anyway.)
- Bits of Pearl Blouse
Aequo Animo Blouse
- Sweet William Blouse (Still kicking myself for not buying this one when I had the chance)
- With the Sun Blouse
- Meadow Squill Blouse (I remember this top running short too; a longer version would be great!)
- Solar Star Blouse
- Tatra Vista Shell (I wore this top until it died. Long and lean. Best draped top ever!!)
Cormorant Button-Up (Ran short. Hmm, maybe Anthro has had this issue longer than I thought.)
Puckered Scoopneck aka Family Night Tee (Ideal weekend top, super flattering)
Straight-And-Narrow Blouse (Look at that waist!!!!)
Side-By-Side Tunic (Had a waist tie; came in chambray, oxford stripe and white too, look at these super cute styling cues!)

Feel free to chime in with your own favorites! There's one more blouse by Floreat circa 2007 that was long and perfect and I wore it til it died and I'm kicking myself because I can't remember the name of it. It came in ivory and green, does anyone remember the blouse I'm trying to recall? I want to say the name started with an A. Sometimes I sleep on these things and will remember them...other times it will just bug me forever.

With that out of the way here are some tops from Anthro's current assortment that I at least want to try on.

These tops could be...decent? I dunno, after looking back through the old stuff I'm feeling kind of depressed. To cheer us all up below are some super cute things I found browsing around other parts of Anthro's site.

Like shoes. Definitely in love with tons of their Spring shoes.

And of course as usual I'm also in love with a completely impractical romper. I want it in both colors. Yes, I'm dead serious.

Is anyone else strangely delighted like me that Anthropologie is suddenly carrying Calvin Klein underwear? (One of my favorite undergarment brands, along with Gap, go figure.)

What are you loving at Anthropologie right now? What's new to your wishlist?