Eye Candy: Anthrpologie March 2015 catalogue

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dara Pullover ($88), Far Sun Skirt ($128).

My plans to run reviews today were derailed by most of the items I tried not yet being online, so while I wait for them to appear let's take a peek at Anthropologie's latest lookbook, shall we? For March 2015 Anthropologie headed back to India, one of its favorite catalogue locales. It's hard to argue with the result -- these alternate photos I have throughout this post in particular are exquisite! (For the catalogue itself Anthro chose simpler shots showcasing the clothes in detail, which I very much appreciate. The product pages show the detail shots.)

Anthro's got a video on their official blog showing behind-the-scenes details from the shoot in Rajasthan as well as a very pleasing post about some of the music that inspired them. But first, head inside to see more pretty clothing that fits the scenery beautifully, if not my lifestyle...

A closer look at the header shot for this post.
Dara Pullover ($88), Far Sun Skirt ($128).

This photo is convincing me to try on those crazy pants. 
Love the proportions here and the laid-back easiness of the look.
But the shoes are the real star -- check out the soles on the product page!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous shot.
But besides on a trip to India or perhaps the beach, where on earth would I wear this?

The shorts don't appear to be online yet.
Now here is a look I can see wearing a ton over the summer!

What a coincidence -- this is exactly what I wear when I ride my camel around town!

This skirt is so flattering on -- very highly recommended!

The print isn't quite this clean in real life but the overall effect is still lovely.
If you like tie-dye, that is.

Begging for some kind of belt or cinch.

The clothes are beautiful yet I wonder as ever how much use I'd get out of these in real life. Luckily many of the new releases beyond what the lookbook show seem promising -- I have 6 Meadow Rue tops on my 'must try-on' list for example. What looks good to you right now?