Investigating Anthropologie's newest arrivals

Monday, January 26, 2015

A cardigan that's pretty from the front and gorgeous from the back!
Anthropologie's Morning Petals Cardigan ($148), among my favorites from their new arrivals.

I felt inspired when I saw the look above -- now here's a casual outfit that looks like classic Anthropologie and is something I'd totally wear! Inside, more of my picks from the latest new stuff including the first dibs February page Anthro sent out to its loyalty members this morning.

Let's begin with sweaters. Spring is already forefront in retail's mind and I'm delighting in some of the transitional pieces Anthropologie has unveiled. All of the sweaters you see above are in my cart right now as part of my birthday haul because I figure if I'm going to splurge, the birthday time is the time to do it!. I doubt I'll keep all 6 but at the very least they'll make for a good upcoming reviews set. (Reviews will be back in February.)

I particularly like the already-layered Jungle Ruffle Pullover ($98) and Terrace Pullover ($118), where the toughest part for me is choosing which color of each to get. Perhaps if they fit well come sale time the answer will be both.

Beyond the assortment shown above I also love the Barnegat Pullover ($98), but I already own a very similar fisherman's cable pullover from Madewell in ivory so I'll just love it from afar. I wear it with a cami underneath, boyfriend jeans cuffed just above the ankle and a pair of black pumps for a stylish Casual Friday work look.

Beyond sweaters, most of my new arrival picks are simply items that made me say, "Oooh, pretty!" when I saw them. I'm disappointed that so far the boxiness, peplums and short hemlines on dresses continue to pervade Anthropologie's debuting options. There isn't much among the new stuff I can wear to work.

But for casual days and weekend wear there does seem to be a lot to like. I wish Anthropologie would get better about cross-linking items it shows on each product page; when I do see a put-together look I like it often becomes a frustrating hunt of trying to find a pair of shoes or a necklace or perhaps a coordinating item I see and would buy if only I could find it! My item request emails have shot through the roof since Anthro started doing this.

My wishlist is starting to spill over with jewelry picks -- I'm so excited to see that Anthro's gotten back into more delicate, finer-looking costume pieces. In addition to the Adelais Pendant Necklace ($98) above I'm drooling over the Pink Amethyst Pendant Necklace ($178) and the Victoria Necklace ($178).

The Clementina Pencil Skirt ($118) and Girafa Jacket ($148) are from this morning's first dibs email which also includes...

...the beautiful Malva Tank ($98) and Petal Patch Maxi Skirt ($298) shown in the photo directly above, paired with Nina Payne's Sosa Heels ($276). So pretty! See the rest of the February first dibs preview items here.

What's new to your wishlist? Any new items you've purchased or tried on? What are you hoping Anthropologie will unveil for Spring? Don't forget there's free shipping right now! Details here.