What's the best last-minute Christmas gift?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

E-Gift Cards -- the procrastinator's savior. This one from Free People.

I've always loved getting gift cards for the holiday or my birthday. Sure, it's amazing when a friend or family member somehow guesses exactly what I wanted or comes through with a surprise so delightful that I'm stunned to tears. But why put that kind of pressure on someone you love? And it's kind of awkward when you receive a gift you don't want...living in a tiny space means there isn't much room for that thing you didn't really want but have to keep...and really, I'd rather see someone and get their gift of their time and love than get a trinket that means nothing.

So, gift cards are where it's at as far as I'm concerned! Two years ago a group of 18 of my girlfriends and I put together a gift card grab bag. Each year we all buy $100 gift cards from an agreed-on set of stores -- no more than one from each store -- and then we get together for dinner, put the cards in a bag and take turns drawing. It's worked out so well...everyone is happy with their gift, even if they end up with the card they bought! You can feel the love afterwards.

But if you're sitting in front of your computer right now and wondering what the heck to get that person you forgot about, or that person that's impossible to shop for, e-gift cards are your easiest solution! They arrive instantly. You can even sleep easy tonight and get it in the morning if you want. Santa will be so jealous. Trust me, most people will be happy to receive a gift card instead of a pair of socks. Unless it's this pair of socks, in which case thank you very very much!

Below, some e-gift card options beyond the standard (but still appreciated!) Starbucks and iTunes. I'm sure there are many more -- where would you like to receive an e-gift card from?