Major Anthro perk! Take 25% off your order TODAY

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Whoa! Many of us are waking up to a lovely surprise from Anthropologie this morning in the form of a MAJOR anthro perk. Click through the photo above and discover that everything on is 25% off today using the code HOLIDAY25 at checkout. New arrivals. Sale goodies. Furniture! Holiday decor. Whatever your little Anthro-loving heart desires. (Gifts, that'd be what I'll be purchasing.)

Please note, Anthropologie stores are closed today. Their customer service is also closed today.

So for anyone wanting a PA, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to try. Yes, this is Anthropologie's Black Friday promo too and it will only be today + tomorrow. Today online-only, tomorrow in-store and online.

This is pretty sweet! Thanks Anthropologie. Thank you tipsters, thank you community members!!!