Eye Candy: Anthropologie September 2014 catalogue

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Anthropologie has uploaded a bunch of preview shots from their upcoming September 2014 lookbook. This catalogue was shot in Patagonia -- more details on Anthropologie's official blog. (By the way, boo that Anthro buried its blog link in its site footer as part of the redesign. Bring it back upwards please!!!)

This catalogue is filled with plenty of gorgeous shots. That's a few months in a row now that returns to the feeling I know and love for Anthro lookbooks. Yay! I dog-eared a few pages of this one -- noted below. Hopefully the clothing holds up to my inspired expectations. This is the last weekend for 20% off shoes so if any of the new shoes or boots tempt you now's a good time to take the plunge!

Inside, 12 more adorable looks.

Zonda Booties (now $136).
I'm over vegan leather pants but I really like the top in this look!

Love everything about this look. Dog-eared!

Shimmer Stitch Pullover ($98), Golden Hour Skirt ($288), Diamond Day Booties (now $280).
Cool skirt and booties, the sweater is a shape my mind likes as downtown cool,
but it also might emphasize hips which means no thanks for me.

Andina Booties ($176), Cotinga Belt ($38), Valdes Rancher ($50).
Seriously chic boho look. Dog-eared! 
(Minus the hat. I mostly don't do hats. I don't get hats.)

Coiled Cuff ($58), Aigle Avocet Wellies (now $184).
From the side this outfit looks amazing! From the front...questionable?

Horn Link Necklace ($88), ??? hat.
Yes I will be trying on those Tartan Crops thank you.

Adore, though I wish the dress were as red as it looks here. Dog-eared!

Painted Plaid Dress ($158), Shimmered Dusk Belt ($58).
Yup I want this whole look, including the horse. Dog-eared!

I love, love the life this shot teases. THIS is what I'm talking about, Anthro.
I feel like I could get into this.

Apogeo Column Dress ($178), Sunstorm Pumps (now $476).
Cool photo, love the dress, a little weird altogether.


Libby Dress ($158).
A cool take on pattern, I hope it fits as well on my body!

What do you think of these photos from the September 2014 Anthropologie catalogue?