TODAY ONLY! Save 15% off your Anthropologie purchase for anthro day!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sneaky, sneaky, Anthropologie!!! The day after launching a whole bunch of new arrivals (which we will cover in-depth on EA on Monday) Anthropologie has snuck in a surprise Anthro Day -- 15% off your order or valid for in-store purchases too. If you didn't receive this email you can use the code summerperk according to a tipster!! You can also join anthro here. (It's free.)

OF COURSE these days always sneak in on Saturdays...which is simultaneously a miracle and a bummer. Horribly inconvenient during the summer when most people are out and about or traveling. I'm not near any stores today but might be able to sneak in an online order before midnight. How about you? If I can, I'll update this post later with some picks. My top choice? The Astilbe Swing Dress ($475).