Enjoy Free Shipping at Anthropologie with NO MINIMUM -- Today only!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Well, well, well Anthropologie! What kind of promo do we have here? Today only you can get Free Shipping on your Anthropologie.com order of ANY AMOUNT using the code justbecause. I'm still grumpy about missing out on anthro day this past Saturday -- I'd like a do-over please Anthro! -- but this is a nice treat. Now's an excellent time to try out any of those online exclusives you've been pining over...or perhaps something from the lovely new August arrivals? Check out the catalogue preview here in case you missed it.

Now all Anthropologie needs to do is put it ALL together -- have an anthro day with free shipping, no minimum. In the meantime, picks inside!

Truly I am burying the lede here with my picks, because did anyone else notice that Anthropologie oh-so-casually has brought back one of its classic pieces, the Corsage Sweater Jacket from 2007?!?! Or that it's now $50 cheaper than it used to be?!?! This jacket at one time went for over $400 on eBay (don't get your hopes up now gaugers, it routinely goes under $100 today). I'm so delighted to see it back! What other past Anthro items might come back to play?

I would link you to the original product page -- ok it's here -- but Anthropologie recently redid their URLs and forgot to make the new URL folder structure work for items before 2013. So no pre-2013 product pages are loading right now which is such a shame. Please fix this Anthro!!

Will you order anything with today's free shipping promo?