Checking in with Anthropologie's latest (non-lookbook) new arrivals

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How'd I miss the Lavendel Dress ($228) in my August catalogue preview??

My Anthropologie August 2014 catalogue arrived in the mail yesterday and I've dog-eared several pages. I dog-eared them! First time in months. With retailers on the cusp of Fall shopping is getting exciting again...even if I can't picture wearing any of this stuff for at least another couple of months. Inside, some non-lookbook new Anthropologie arrivals that caught my eye. What has me excited, what might not work, and what's still missing.

Vector Dress ($168)

Tracery Tee ($128)

Rozen Tank ($78)

For this post I tried to pick items I haven't talked about yet this week. Want more pre-Fall picks? Check out this post and this one.

It's only pre-Fall -- not quite real Fall yet in retailer speak -- and there's already plenty to be excited about from Anthro's latest assortment. I'm delighted by the plethora of knee-length and near knee-length dresses! In fact I'd be delighted if Anthropologie added a knee-length filter to their dresses section. Right away those dresses become more likely to be work options for me. However in terms of materials and colors Anthro's still missing the boat a bit. When I browse their Wear to Work page I see just a few scant options that would work in my current ultra-conservative office environment...even dresses like the Tanith Dress ($138) won't pass due to the teal zipper in back (sigh). The Calendula Sheath ($285) is probably the only option I could work with right now. Luckily I'm also attending lots of events and parties for work where the dress code is much less stringent, or if I work in the Tribeca office instead of the Midtown East location my options expand.

It's not that I expect Anthropologie to provide all my work clothing; it's just frustrating because I know they can do it! Whenever I wear my Ferrous Flower Sheath for instance I get tons of compliments no matter which office I'm in. The formula isn't hard -- shift or fit-and-flare; cotton, wool or silk; structure up top with waist-defining effect; enough covered with something of minor visual interest in print or embellishment form. Right now Anthro's work options are mostly missing with me because they're too short on my 5'8" leggy frame, but they also have too many bold florals where I need something subtle. Something like the Tenney Dress ($228) for instance is an excellent event outfit for me, and I'd love to see a daytime office version of this! Doesn't help that the dress is online-only either.

The same thing goes for tops. In terms of casual wear I'm loving so much of what Anthro is offering right now! Peasant tops with pretty prints; knits with thoughtful touches like embellished v-necks or pretty layers of lace and such. But where, oh where, are the structured blouses of yore? The buttondowns with pretty plackets that are quiet and v-necked and ivory or green and perfect? I feel like every Anthro buttondown is boxy or rectangular. There seem to be none with defined waists. So I'm set after work and on the weekend, Anthro-style. But not for my 9-5 life, which has to be the majority of my closet right now!

The jewelry is a total hit with me in the meantime. I love pearls! (Maybe because they are my sorority's stone?) And I love the mix of dainty and decadent in the accessories section. Their scarves are also populated to perfection right now; I've bought at least two or three in the last month.

What new arrivals have you swooning? What's still missing for you? What are you hoping to see?