Reviews: Tisana Dress, Legend & Song Dutch Wax Dawa Dress, Capuchina Dress, Hera Draped Dress, Embroidered Coral Dress, Tableau Shift

Thursday, April 24, 2014

When I see this dress, my mind goes straight to party time.
The Tableau Shift ($178), reviewed.

After putting together a post detailing some of the Anthro dresses I'm tempted by based on their online presence, I couldn't wait to go to Anthropologie and try on as many of those dresses as possible! Inside, round 1 of the dresses I found plus some fresh ones that caught my eye in person.

Tisana Dress ($128) by Maeve, TTS
Style #: 4130084320482; navy (041), blue motif (049) or red (060)

Note: For sizing reference I am 34-29-38, 34D, a size 6/M in dresses. I'm 5'8".

Maeve's Tisana Dress ($128) is a pleasant surprise. Online this looked like a dress that wouldn't work for me at all but a SA I know at Rockefeller Center encouraged me to try it on, even after I attempted to demure a few times. I'm so glad she was persistent! Although this dress doesn't wow in terms of photographs in person it's an appealing lightweight draped dress. I feared the top of this dress would basically be a boob curtain. It's more than that, a swingy bodice that moves lightly when you walk. The skirt is a straight rayon jersey material that falls to about an inch above the knee. Of all the colors this simple navy was the most appealing to me in person.

Sizes were dwindling at the Rock, so I'm in a size 8 instead of my usual size 6 for these photos. It was a bit big on top which caused the bodice to sit lower than I'd like. I'd stick with my true size 6 to purchase. The shoulder straps are open pointelle which means a bra strap will show through, and on the 8 the back sat a little low. I have a feeling that even in a 6 the straps will be too long on me and need re-sewing. The viscose bodice material is split in the back which adds an extra layer of summery feel. If you wanted to I'm sure this dress would work backwards though there will be a seam down the center of the skirt.

This is the kind of dress I'd throw on for dinner while on a beach vacation or wear around the city on a weekend. I'm already dreaming of Central Park picnics. Wishlisted!

Legend & Song Dutch Wax Dawa Dress ($228) by Mille Collines, TTS
Style #: 4130332220078; blue (040) or red (060)

Rockefeller Center is using its store gallery to carry most of the Legend & Song collection. Some pieces, like the Legend & Song Dutch Wax Pencil Skirt ($178) are nearly gone. I was happy to find the Legend & Song Dutch Wax Dawa Dress ($228) in my size! The blue color is beautiful and the waxy surface of the dress is pretty cool. The back is mostly open save two triangles that button together and serve as a bra band cover. A box scoopneck is sided by two thick straps. There's a defined waist and a pleated skirt in a pleasing a-line shape. It hit me about an inch and a half above my knees.

I grabbed a size 6 which fit perfectly. Go with your true size. I think this dress is crying out for a belt; the waist is so lovely! I was impressed by the back and was even able to button it myself after a bit of arm contortion. The box scoopneck isn't as pleasing as it could be, but that's my only quibble with this dress.

Weird sidenote, I know I mentioned this before but I strongly dislike the model shot for the blue version of this dress. It seems weirdly voyeuristic to me for Anthropologie. But I love the dress! Wishlisted. It's been nearly two months since the Legend & Song collection bowed -- click here to see everything included in the collection.

Capuchina Dress ($138) by Vanessa Virginia, TTS
Style #: 4130336414414; blue motif (049) or black (001)

Vanessa Virginia gets it. All of these waist-defined maxi dresses are killing me -- in the best way possible! The latest option if the Capuchina Dress ($138) which is available in either the blue motif print you see on me above or the black version I've photoed below. Although the skirt pleats don't sit on me the way they do on the model it's nice to see a dress that's flattering on a variety of body shapes. On me the waist ends up hitting higher in an empire style. There's a super long sash that I have tied back with the version above and wrapped back around to the front with the black version below (it might be hard to see -- you can click on the photo to enlarge it). I was wearing heels the day I tried on this dress so it's hitting well above my ankle. In flats it hits just above the ankle on my 5'8" frame. Note that the back is shaped like an x, so a regular bra's straps will show. You'll want a crossback or racerback bra.

I find myself between sizes in Vanessa Virginia. My usual size medium was droopy and too revealing so it's down to a small I went for photos of both colors of the dress. The bodice is definitely at its limits in the small. But in my experience these dresses stretch over the course of the day so I'm sure it would be fine after a few hours of wear. The skirt's pattern is symmetrical and pleasing, the bodice will vary on each dress.

Below is the back version which would be great for summer evening parties.

The team at Rockefeller Center's Anthropologie suggest wearing the dress with the Palm Tassel Scarf ($68). I could get on board with that! My necklace with this dress is Anthro's Planklet Gem Necklace ($42). I love it and wear it nearly every day right now. I do wish the Capuchina Dress was just an inch or two longer, but otherwise it's fantastic.

I now find myself seriously torn between this dress and the Talassemtane Maxi Dress ($128, review). Community, which dress would you recommend for me?

Hera Draped Dress ($168) by Bailey 44, TTS -- size up if big busted
Style #: 4130211620698; navy (041)

Bailey 44's Hera Draped Dress ($168) seemed like the perfect summer dress. Until I put it on. I don't know. I feel like the square neckline makes me look a little...broad-shouldered? It's not as feminine-feeling on me as I'd like and I can't quite explain why.

I'm getting ahead of myself though. This rayon-spandex dress is full of cool draping and ruching, from the front gathers of the skirt and bodice to the knotted neckline featuring straps that can either be made thicker or thinner. It's a simple pullover throw on and go type of dress, the perfect wrinkle-resistant dress for the weary jet-setter. I love how Anthropologie styled their model in a vaguely Grecian way with the loose braid and hairband -- I'd aspire to recreate that in real life.

My excitement in finding the dress quickly evaporated in the fitting room. Yes, the defined waist is lovely! And yes, the neckline is cool. But I felt no delight in seeing myself in the mirror. Perhaps I've made the straps too thin here and that's the issue. The skirt is also shorter than it looks -- hitting me a few inches above the knee. So while I'm in my usual medium here I think perhaps a large might be the way to go, both for length and perhaps a little extra room in the bodice.

This is the kind of dress I'd snap up on sale if the large works out. We shall see. Wishlisted for reconsideration come sale time. (Or dress promotion, hint hint Anthropologie!)

Embroidered Coral Dress ($298) by Yoana Baraschi, TTS
Style #: 4130077003662; coral (085)

All we know from Anthropologie's site is that someone didn't like the Embroidered Coral Dress ($298) too much. But they didn't explain why not! Perhaps it was the skirt, which is somewhat bubble-like. But! If you dig (and I do) and if you like fun confectionery dresses this is the frock for you!

One big surprise for me was how stiff the polyester material is. I was expecting something much softer. The dress is lined and has arm cut-ins in the back so a racerback bra is required. The leaf pattern on the front is lovely and of course you know that I love the defined waist band! The skirt hits about two inches above the knee. Good lord, this dress is bright. I dug it. Will you?

In terms of sizing I felt great in my usual size 6. The zipper in the back goes all the way up to the base of the neck and I couldn't get it quite all the way by myself. This is another dress I'd consider on sale -- bubble butt or no bubble butt. It's too cute! Wishlisted.

Tableau Shift ($178) by James Coviello, size down
Style #: 4130041952261; green motif (038)

The Anthro gods were smiling on me the day I went to Anthropologie's 5th Ave store in Flatiron. Lo and behold; not only did I find the Tableau Shift ($178) by James Coviello but I also managed to find the exact same pattern as the catalogue shot seen at the top of this post! Pretty cool, I thought.

Very cool that after the community feedback here Anthropologie removed 'silk' from the dress name. And I also love how they detail the model's height and the exact length of both the regular and petite versions. Hooray! Now all we need is a video of the model walking in the dress and the return of dress forms and I'd be one happy camper. It would also be helpful to know which size the model is wearing. (I'm demanding. I know.)

So, this shift is 100% polyester with a poly lining. It feels like silk and required dry cleaning like silk. It hit me midthigh. There are a couple of fit darts around the bust area but let's be honest -- this dress is a shift and shifts have little shape. I dream of another version of this dress with a lower scoopneck and a waistband. *cries* I love the pattern and colors and idea so much!

This fun frock runs large. I'm in a small here which was roomy up top but perfect over my hips. I wouldn't go down any further. Unfortunately this dress does nothing for me. I feel like an overgrown 6-year-old in it. Perhaps with a cardigan nearly as long as the dress I could create the illusion of shape and make it work. I'd be so sad to cover the dress up though! Or if I could stand at an angle all day like the catalogue model I'd be golden.

Oh, how I wanted this dress to magically work. Oh, how I wishlisted it anyway just in case it gets down to a price low enough where I can afford to buy two and sew them into a dress I could wear. World's smallest violin plays. I hope this dress sells well in reality because I love James Coviello's designs for Anthro (the Grasby Gardens Dress is one of my all-time faves!) and would love to see more of this stuff in-store.

What do you think of the dresses in this reviews set? Thoughts on my Capuchina Dress ($138) vs. Talassemtane Maxi Dress ($128, review) dilemma? If you want to see more dress reviews, I've done a few sets recently -- check them out here.