Reviews: Three-Act Maxi Dress, Galen Dress, Toda Vista Swing Dress, Giedi Dress, Stitched Blossom Dress, Flora Vignette Dress

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Put two lovely scarves together and you get the Flora Vignette Dress ($168).

Joining last week's dress reviews, here's my take on another set of fantastic frocks from Anthropologie.

Three-Act Maxi Dress ($228) by Leifsdottir, TTS
Style #: 4130335964453; grey motif (008)

Note: For sizing reference I am 34-29-38, 34D, a size 6/M in dresses. I'm 5'8".

The coolest part of the Three-Act Maxi Dress ($228) is its neckline. A sash starts mid-back, goes through the front ruched neckline and then rejoins itself in the back. The result is an adjustable neckline that can be made wider or thinner, higher or lower in the front and a pretty sash in the back. The dress I tried was missing its waist sash which is a bummer -- seeing the model shot online I really missed it!

This dress is powder blue silk with grey undertones and a floral print that varies from dress to dress. A bra will be tricky with this dress due to the front neckline and back. The dress is lined though curiously that lining doesn't make it all the way down the skirt. There are no pockets and the skirt falls relatively straight. I was wearing heels the day I tried this dress so it seems a little shorter, but even without my pumps on it hits above the ankle.

I'm in my usual size 6 here which fit fine. The dress does have a defined waist but I didn't feel it was a great fit for my hourglass shape. Lots of plusses here: there was enough room in the bodice, the skirt has an easy release over the hips without being too roomy and the lightweight material moves beautifully as you walk.

Not a fit for me, but highly recommended for others.

Galen Dress ($128) by Maeve, size down
Style #: 4130084320408; yellow motif (079), blue motif (049)

The Galen Dress ($128) isn't really a dress on me. It's a tunic. Not comfortable for me to wear without something underneath unless I use it as a bathing suit coverup. Made from poly, this 'dress' has a 70s-inspired shape with a peasant neckline, rolled tab sleeves, front pleating galore and a drawstring waist. This yellow motif version is very pretty up close, though it reads as lime green rather than yellow from a distance. The dress is a bit translucent. It's very lightweight.

This dress barely made midthigh on me. I'm in a small here which fit very nicely. I was very impressed with how it sits on my body! My usual size medium was barely any longer and the top half was too big on me. You'll want to size down for sure. It's just way too short for my comfort.

In terms of material (the machine washability is really nice), weight, fit and drape I think this dress is a rockstar. One of the Soho personal shoppers had this dress on with turquoise accessories. A good three or four inches shorter than me, it was perfection on her!

Toda Vista Swing Dress ($118) by Lilka, size down
Style #: 4130580306655; white (010)

I am pretty sure I owned something like the Toda Vista Swing Dress ($118) and I'm sure it looked great on me. It's not that I dislike the shape as an adult, it's just funny. I immediately thought Florida when I saw this dress. It has a cute embroidered neckline and fun venting in the back. The diamond cotton body of the dress is flowy, not at all body-hugging, and fully lined. (The lining is actually about an inch shorter than the dress for whatever reason.) This is another short dress that hit me mid-thigh. But with a fuller skirt it felt more comfortable than the Galen Dress above.

I always size down in Lilka and this dress was no exception. I'm in a small above -- my typical medium would have been even roomier and not much longer. The straps cut in a little bit so a normal bra may show in the front; you can see mine a little. This is the type of dress that's great on those hot summer days when everything seems to stick to the body. It has no shape but that's alright. It's just a fun, hot weather dress! I felt very comfortable in it and I love the detailing at the top.

If only this dress were an inch or two longer, I'd love it. Instead, it's wishlisted for reconsideration come sale time.

Giedi Dress ($158) by Moulinette Soeurs, TTS
Style #: 4130264795521; red motif (069)

The Giedi Dress ($158) wasn't on my radar until I spotted it in-store a couple of weeks ago. This lovely dark pink frock (which Anthro calls red, tomato tuhmahto) is slippery cotton Lycra with a lovely medallion print. In the back a soft-sided triangle opening is cute without fear of bra reveal. It has a defined waist at which the pattern doesn't line up. As far as I can tell the pattern is basically the same on every dress. And there are pockets!

I'm in an 8 for the photos above because my normal size 6 was sold out in Soho. The neckline was a little loose in the 8 so I feel the 6 would have been ideal. The dress is shorter than I'd like, hitting about 2.5" above my knees. There is about an extra inch of material sewn under the hem. Oh how I miss the days when 2 or 3 inches would be sewn under the hem! Then this dress would have been an easy decision. Instead, I'm left wondering whether it would languish in my closet due to the akward (on me at least) length.

Still, there's no denying this dress is just lovely and is sure to brighten up a transitional season workday. Wishlisted!

Stitched Blossom Dress ($198) by Nichole Miller, TTS
Style #: 4130295950040; pink (066)

The 90s return in the Stitched Blossom Dress ($198), a beautiful coral-colored dress with a very low sweetheart neckline. From far away the dress looks fine -- thank god -- but up close I was very surprised by how low-demi the neckline is. Luckily the outer shell with all its tiny blossoms cover up most of the revealing spots. Another surprise is that the skirt on this dress is shorter than I hit a few inches above the knee. But it's pleated perfectly.

This dress is cotton-nylon-poly with a spandex lining. In my usual size 6 I felt fine, with the sleeves just barely making it into the comfort zone. The dress is a little stiff on the outside. It would look perfect under a denim jacket! The back zip is challenging to zip alone because it goes all the way up to a high back neckline. That's just a quibble though.

Pretty dress, low cut front. If you don't mind that cut the color is beautiful and the shape is fun. Pass for me.

Flora Vignette Dress ($168) by Moulinette Soeurs, size down
Style #: 4130265414412; black motif (009)

I love the idea of the Flora Vignette Dress ($168) even if it looks rather shapeless on me. The scarf-like print on the front and back are beautiful. The organza top layer and white underlayer are also gorgeous. And although the shift shape isn't exactly giving me any shape, I still think it's pretty cool.

This dress runs big. Really big! The only sizing question will be how tight you can handle the neckline. I'm in my usual size 6 above which was roomy to say the least, but I felt a 4 was somewhat constricting at the neckline. Also worth noting? This is yet another mid-thigh-hitting dress. I feel this dress could use some fit help in the back to make the front fall a little better.

If you don't mind a straight or shapeless dress, this beautiful print is beyond delightful. I might be tempted on sale, for those hot summer night parties. We shall see!