Reviews: Montagne Pencil Skirt, Pome Blossom Skirt, Ninette Skirt, Ballad Swing Skirt, Firefleur Maxi Skirt, Vegan Leather Skater Skirt

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's time for reviews to take a turn towards the bottom -- skirts! In this set, the Pome Blossom Skirt ($188) shown above and more.

Montagne Pencil Skirt ($128) by Tracy Reese, TTS
Style #: 4120204581333; dark turquoise (099)

Note: For sizing reference I am 34-29-38, size 8/M in skirts and 29 in pants. I am 5'8".

As much attention as Tracy Reese gets for her amazing dresses, she also rocks skirts! The Montagne Pencil Skirt ($128) is the perfect Anthropologie pencil -- wild pattern, perfect length and a little bit of stretch. At the top is a thick 2-inch waistband that also has some stretch to it. Made from cotton and spandex, the skirt has a back vent and a back zip. It comes to just above my knee.

I'm in my usual size 8 here which fit wonderfully. It hugged all my curves nicely with a gentle amount of give. There's no lining to this skirt so there is a danger of it sliding up or around as you move. (Is there anything worse than being in a public place and discovering your back zip has become a side, askew, or front zip??) The pattern on the skirt lines up nearly perfectly at the side seams. You could pair this skirt with any of the colors in the pattern on top, or if you're feeling bold go for a lilac or blue-tinged mint.

Here's a full-body shot of how the skirt looks.

Plenty of options, wonderful fit, perfect length. Can't ask for anything more than that. This skirt is in my April purchasing budget. The top here is the Scalloped Cami ($38) in blue, though it reads purple to me. This cami runs large -- I'm in a small here instead of my usual medium.

On a Tracy Reese sidenote, how gorgeous is this dress?!? Come to mama.

Pome Blossom Skirt ($188) by Maeve, TTS
Style #: 4120089544657; navy (041)

When I first saw the Pome Blossom Skirt ($188) I got a horrific flashback to last fall, when Anthropologie decided that skirts should be as voluminous as a rose in full blossom. Luckily they have scaled back from that quite a bit. The Pome Blossom has a much more reasonable volume. The skirt I tried was a little sideways-pressed from being squeezed on a rack. A good steaming will freshen the pleats so it looks more like the catalogue shot at the top of this post.

This piece has a beautiful blue and red color combination with a thin, yet tight waistband. If you have a straighter shape in your midsection you may find it constricting. The top layer of tulle is very shiny. I like it! It will catch the sun and reflect its rays in a beautiful way during those endless days of summer. There is a layer underneath so the skirt isn't completely sheer, thank god. It hits about an inch above the knee and has a back zip.

In terms of fit, I found my usual size 8 to be slightly loose. But when I tried on a 6 (not shown) the skirt was ridiculously short on me so I'd stick with the 8. A little extra room at the waist is hardly a bad thing.

Here is how the skirt looks from a little further back.

All in all, a winner in my book! Wishlisted. The top is Eloise's Lace-Trimmed Cami ($28), which runs large. I'm in a small instead of my usual size medium. It has a racer back. I'm wearing it with the next two skirts as well.

Ninette Skirt (now $70) by HD in Paris, TTS
Style #: 30172936; black & white (018)

When I tried on the Ninette Skirt (now $70) it was full price. Now that it's on sale I'm likely to go hunt it down. Anthropologie should copy the shape pattern for this skirt and release it in about a billion different fabric and color options. Thick yet stretchy waistband? Check. A-line pleated shape? Check. Nearly knee length? Check. I would buy this skirt 100 times over. Compare this to, say, the Ponte Bell Skirt ($128) where the colors are fab but the length and shape's never been quite right.

This skirt is mostly cotton with an underlayer and waistband of poly, nylon and spandex. I felt very comfortable in my usual size medium.

Here's one more shot.

My only hesistation with this skirt is that the lace might be a bit too on-the-nose. Still, with a more modern cami I think this could be a spring & summer weekend staple. Wishlisted, but waiting for a second cut.

Ballad Swing Skirt ($98) by Maeve, TTS
Style #: 4120335634452; pink (066) or black & white (018)

Good lord. The Ballad Swing Skirt ($98) looks like a skirt I had when I was 10 that I tried to wear as an adult. Granted the box pleats on the skirt I tried were a little flat but still. If you're above 5'3" this skirt will be no longer than midthigh. Boo, Anthropologie. Major boo.

With that out of the way, I must say this skirt is adorable. It has a waistband that's black with a contrasting white stripe over it. The circular print looks like a jacquard from far away and the skirt has a pleasant, slightly stiff texture. There are hidden pockets on the side. Really well hidden. Kind of far back, but they are there.

One more shot below.

The skirt itself is great but too short. Way too short for me anyway. Back to the rack.

Firefleur Maxi Skirt ($168) by Ranna Gill, size down
Style #: 4120342381008; multi (095)

I want to like the Firefleur Maxi Skirt ($168) more than I do. I find the wild bouquet print alluring. I love the idea of the pleats, which are stacked at the waistline before releasing down below. Sadly...I cannot. This polyester skirt is pull-on and it's got some major fit issues.

Here's the issue: the pleats on the side. They expand so that if you have any curves on the bottom half you're going to look doubly hippy. Which no woman wants. The effect is all the more exaggerated if you have an hourglass as I do. The waist looks tiny. The hips look hugemongous. It's not pleasant.

Additionally, this skirt runs large. I'm in a medium above but it kept sliding down from my waist to my hips. Would a small be better? Probably not in terms of my hips but yes in terms of my waist. If you are less curvy this skirt might be the ideal. For me however it's a pass.

Vegan Leather Skater Skirt ($118) by HD in Paris, TTS
Style #: 4120313244070; wine (061)

The Vegan Leather Skater Skirt ($118)  is cute, cute, cute! It is also short. Very short. Boo again. Its wine color can look brown in some lights and more purple in others. There is a back zip and the skirt is made from an unholy mix of man-made products. It is hand-washable though! The waistband is much tighter than any other part of the skirt and the pleats weren't quite kicking on the skirt I tried -- probably pretty fresh out of the delivery box I think.

I found my usual size 8 to fit comfortably. It does hug the waist, butt and pelvic region. The material is a bit shiny but it doesn't look too much like plastic. It doesn't really look like leather either the way some pleather can, but it's a nice compromise.

Here's a full body shot.

This skirt would be amazing if it were three inches longer. Instead, it's another reject. Back to the rack. The shirt here is the Dahlia Peplum Blouse ($178), reviewed in this recent post.

Looking for more Anthropologie skirt reviews? I tried on a bunch here. What do you think of the skirts in this reviews set? What skirts should I look for next? I'm hoping the Neoprene Circle Skirt ($228) makes it into one of the NYC stores -- though I wish it were the pale color of the catalogue shot instead of the bright yellow it appears to be in the model shots.