Quick Review Hits: Tops

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In this Anthropologie tops reviews set, a look at the Dahlia Peplum Blouse ($178) and more.

Although I always put lots of thought into my reviews, sometimes I look at a pic and don't know what to do. I haven't got a ton to say about items that make me look a bad way. In the past when this would happen I'd rhyme myself to stimulate interest and passion.

So because these tops are mostly flops I'm bringing back this concept for some pop. Some of these items looked fine on me but most, well, you'll see...

Kaveri Henley ($98) by HD in Paris, size down
Style #: 4110265414398; blue motif (049) or red motif (069)

Note: For sizing reference I am 34-29-38, size 6/M in tops. I am 5'8".

It is a both a little funny and sad,
The middle shot above makes me kinda mad.
The Kaveri Henley ($98) looked pretty enough to grab,
But it fits like a tent.
While the henley placket is a delight,
The bottom half of this top is pleated and might
Fit a bit tentlike with no shape for an unflattering sight.
I'm more than a bit bummed out.
The pattern's delightful,
The fit is frightful,
And I'm left wishing that the bottom was more streamlined.
I'm in my usual size 6 here,
I'd go down to a 4 in this one my dear,
The arms, body and tent were all loose.
On the plus side this top is not see-through.
This top was a pass.

Inked Brushstroke Tank (now $60) by Floreat, TTS
Style #: 29169547; black & white (018)

The Inked Brushstroke Tank (now $60) is currently out of stock online,
But I've seen it pop back many a time,
Not to mention the store sale racks,
Which seem to have this top in back.
I really like the feather print,
I also adore the neckline fringe,
But $128 seemed like a lot to pay,
It's $60 now I'm happy to say.
Many online reviews said this top fits small,
And it's not that I disagree with them at all,
It's just that I prefer a more body-skimming fit,
Which made my usual size 6 just about perfect.
I'd advise you to stick with your true size,
Unless you prefer your tops to dramatize.
The length of this top is pretty good,
Hitting just below the widest part of my thighs like a good top should.
It is soft and a little see-through,
There's a v-shaped keyhole that won't expose too much of you.
I like this top quite a lot,
I might just buy it with another price cut!

Lacepane Blouse ($128) by Leifsdottir, size down
Style #: 30603419; ivory (011) or coral (085)

With no zipper, no buttons, no stretchiness to be found,
The problems getting the Lacepane Blouse ($128) do abound.
However if you find this pullover top worth the effort,
I think you'll be happily surprised.
Unfortunately for me it was easy to see,
That I'd chosen the wrong size by mistake.
I'm in a 6 here but would have liked a 4,
I wonder however if that would have shortened the top even more,
It's just barely long enough in the 6.
It's completely sheer -- that's my cami I'd brought for fear,
Of just a case such as this.
I don't understand why Anthropologie can't include,
An undertank so we don't look nude.
The pattern on this top is very delightful,
I like how it seems both confectionery and modern.
The sleeves have a slight outward angle,
And the bottom peplum hurts more than it helps.
Still I can see how this top would be great,
As an option to go from work to a date.
I'd wear it with a pencil skirt.
Wishlisted for now.

Clara Buttondown ($68) by Maeve, TTS
Style #: 30879266; mint (102), ivory (011), blue motif (049), coral (085)

If you have any kind of chest,
I believe the Clara Buttondown ($68) will be a mess,
Though of course I reserve the right to be wrong.
This top isn't as long as it looks,
And the lack of a collar took,
Some of my affection away.
The blouse will fall pretty much straight,
From whatever is your most protruding weight,
As an hourglass this just won't do.
I felt pretty lackluster,
The split in the back like a feather duster,
Splitting to show off my butt.
In addition to all that,
This top is shorter in front than back,
It barely tucks in at all.
Though the color is nice,
The pockets aren't quite,
This looks nothing like I'd hoped.
I'm in a size 6 here,
Though to be clear,
I did also try sizing up to an 8.
But a box is a box,
From a size 2 all the way across,
And so this top went back to the rack.

Chennai Henley (now $40) by Meadow Rue, size down
Style #: 28773232; turquoise (046)

I've been praying to the Anthro gods,
For a top that fits with some more definition.
The Chennai Henley (now $40) nearly does the job,
Though it's not quite what I saw in my premonition.
There's a cinch in the back of this top you see,
Though the ruffled placket reminds me more of Free People.
And that ruffle doesn't want to sit flatly,
It wants to pucker out from my chest like something evil.
The color I'm in is what Anthropologie calls 'green',
Though I'd consider it more a teal,
The original $80 pricetag seemed kinda mean,
At $40 it's closer to a deal.
The material is soft though it's very heathered,
When you see it up close it's not as nice,
In time this top might look somewhat weathered.
The length is good -- low hip -- and the sleeves are fine.
Somehow though this top isn't quite divine.
Probably a pass.

Vanille Tank ($148) by Meadow Rue, size down
Style #: 4112336104814; ivory (011)

I admit I have a weakness,
For all things metal and beaded.
So it's no wonder that I was delighted,
By the Vanille Tank ($148) when first sighted.
This tank has a bottom flare I could do without,
And the pattern atop is admittedly loud.
Still, I find this top to be rather cool
And I think it'd work well below a layer or two.
When it's warmer it'll be fine on its own
With some basic denim shorts or ideas not yet known.
The polyester is a little bit thin,
But it's double layered which I consider a real win!
I tried on a medium, my usual size.
It was loose everywhere -- a small I'd buy.
Do you think the pattern looks like wings?
It does to me, such a funny thing.
I find the price a trifle high,
So this top is on my wishlist while I decide.

Dahlia Peplum Blouse ($178) by Cameo, size down
Style #: 4110277601132; neutral motif (015) or pink (066)

I've gotten a lot of questions about the Dahlia Peplum Blouse ($178),
A top which I'd also been wondering about.
Upon strolling by the store in Rockefeller Center,
The window held this up as temptation for the spender.
Inside I went and grabbed my usual size medium,
And down to the fitting rooms I went expedient.
I think my selection was slightly poor,
As the pattern on my top didn't line up at all whatfor.
As a result my opinion might be skewed,
Also by the rulffle peplum hem which is HUGE.
In all fairness the medium was pretty big,
So it's possible a small would be more my thing.
I found this top to feel like plastic,
Though not in a way that also made it elastic.
There is a shiny sheen to the fabric,
The bold pattern is pretty fantastic.
I don't even mind the halter top shape,
I just wish the back wasn't so low -- it's not great.
A bra will almost surely show,
And that to me is almost always a no-no.
Still I admit this top does nice things to the shape,
Perhaps if the peplum could be a little more contained,
I'd want to buy this top right now.
Instead, it lands on the wishlist for now.

This is the first of two top reviews sets today. More of the same (yet different) is on the way! What do you have to say? Thoughts, advice, or questions -- ask away!!