Tuesday Open Discussion Thread

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NOTE: I'm currently in Costa Rica. While on this trip I have zero internet access. I have a few colleagues and friends checking up on the blog for me but if there is a sale this week there will be no sale list. It's a bit of a lurch I know and not ideal, but there is no way around it. Instead, there will be an open thread on Monday and Tuesday (since I'm not sure if or when the sale will be) with an affiliate link to the fresh cuts and the comments can be used for sale discussion.

Please do not link to any other blogs or sale roundups in this post. Links to Anthropologie pages are totally cool.  Use the "report" button for any spam/inappropriate/offensive comments. EA will be back up to full posting speed the week of January 26th.

Is there an Anthropologie sale today? If so, check out all the fresh cuts here. (Anthropologie updates its sale page around 9 AM ET.) EA's sale list will be back with the next sale!!!

No sale today? OK, here's some discussion fodder.

How often do you visit Anthropologie's website? In the fall and December I feel like I visit about 3-4 times a day. From January to March it's more like once a day or maybe even once every couple of days. In the spring and summer it's about once to twice a day. Which season do you find yourself on Anthro's site more or less? Or are your site habits tied more to sale or new arrivals? I'm curious what your habits revolve around.