Eye Candy: Anthropologie Holiday 2013 catalogue

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vie En Rose Scarf ($68), Kittiwake Pullover ($148), Level 99 Liza Faux Suede Jeans ($128), 
Cabled Leg Warmers ($38), Seacoast Booties ($248), Big Apple Weekender ($198).
I spy a pretty awesome Anthropologie catalogue!

So...you might not want to click into this post. I'm just warning you, because Anthropologie's 2013 Holiday Lookbook is filled with tons of Eye Candy. I have no idea how most of these items look in real life as of now. But the photos themselves? Droolworthy wishlist stuffing. And it just so happens to feature one of my all-time favorite models, Anouck Lepère.

Much more Eye Candy inside.

Ms. Lepère (above) is a familiar face to longtime Anthropologie and J.Crew lovers. She's appeared in countless catalogues and advertisements and is one of my favorites because her hair-skin complexion is so very close to mine. She also has a very natural accessible vibe in all her photos. It's almost like she's saying, Hey guys! I like this outfit. I think you will too. Let's try it on and then go get hot chocolate! Soooo happy to see her in this lookbook.

For the first time in awhile if Anthropologie held a contest to win all the pieces from its catalogue, I'd enter. It might just be an overdose of holiday spirit talking but I love a lot this month! It may not all be practical but it is pretty beautiful. How about you? What do you think of this year's holiday book?

You can read more about the inspiration story, Coming Home: Three Sisters, Three Journeys, on Anthropologie's official blog.

On the left model: Glitzed Toboggan Scarf ($48), Mysa Moto Jacket ($388), 
Glissade Dress ($158), Fawn Heels ($478), Battuta Leather Weekender ($398).
On the center model: Sonsonate Cardigan ($148), 
Level 99 Newport Wide-Leg Trousers ($128), Luxembourg Scarf ($78).
On the right model: West Bow Rancher ($48), Comete Cardigan ($178), 
Pilcro Serif Ponte Leggings ($98), To-And-Fro Shoulder Bag ($198).

Misen Cowl ($48), Clara Sweater Dress ($148), Jovian Platforms ($130), Nyla Tote ($298).

Bicycling Santa not included.

On the left model: Icefall Maxi Dress ($278), Fiamma Bracelet ($88).
On the right model: Sequin Flurry Cardigan ($98), Novella Ball Skirt ($188), 
Creature Charm Flats ($78), Star Swirl Belt ($48).

Sugarberry Dress ($298), Monaco Necklace ($198).
This is the sequined holiday party dress of my dreams!!!

This entire setup is adorable! Wish I had a fireplace.

Oh my god, is that a blimp ornament??!

You can flip through the entire Anthropologie Holiday December 2013 Lookbook here. If you need me, I'll be wishlisting everything!