Anthropologie's not the only one having a sale this week!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My great closet cleanout continues, with another round of goodies up for grabs. All of these items are either in new or like new condition unless otherwise noted. Help me feed the contest fund and my travel fund and I'll help you build your own wonderful closet! Interested in purchasing one of my items for sale? Email me. I mail out twice a week.

As blog owner I'm taking advantage of a post to get my sale items in front of the most eyes possible. Looking for more items? Check out the weekly Trade Market (selling -- seeking) and the Trade Market on Facebook.

For reference on fit, here are my stats: I'm 5'8", 145 lbs, 34D, usually a 6 on top and a 8/10 on the bottom.

Click on the item name to see a photo. Shipping is included to the USA only; please email me for international rates. I am willing to combine shipping if you're interested in 2 or more items. Because I want to move these items to a new home ASAP, I'm listing these for just a week. Next week they head off to eBay or consignment if they don't sell here.

I'm happy to take offers if you're interested in multiple items.

Gap Long & Lean size 29 regular length (fit like a 10), $25/shipped

Climate Control Cardi, dark orange (this reads as a red to me), size L, $40/shipped

Goban Pencil Skirt, size 8, $50/shipped

Biloba Necklace, $35/shipped. NOTE: the flowers on this necklace are frayed on the edges, which is by design.
Limitless Strands Necklace, gold, $30/shipped.
Radiant Necklace, $40/shipped.
Sea Splinters Necklace, green, $30/shipped.
Sea Splinters Necklace, blue, $30/shipped.
J.Crew Deco Necklace, pink, $45/shipped.
J.Crew Deco Necklace, black, $45/shipped.
J.Crew Droplet Necklace, $35/shipped.

Band of Baubles Bracelet, 2008 version, $125/shipped.
J.Crew Isis Bangle, pink, $40/shipped.

Gather Together Clutch, grey, (inside detail) $80/shipped.
Lozenge Pullover, size L, $45/shipped
Elemental Swag Necklace, $35/shipped.
Leifsdottir Lean Pique Cargo Pants, size 30
Paige Denim Hidden Hills Straight, size 31, OOTD $60/shipped
Aspis Necklace, pink, $40/shipped.  -- SALE PENDING
Decadent Deluge Necklace, $30/shipped.  -- SALE PENDING
Palo Borracho Necklace, $65/shipped.  -- SALE PENDING
Royal Tailor Cuff, $35/shipped.
Breezy Polkas Cardigan, navy, size M, OOTD, $50/shipped.  -- SALE PENDING
Beaded Felt Pencil Skirt, size 10, $280/shipped
J.Crew Cloud Necklace, $60/shipped.
Breezy Polkas Cardigan, red, size M, OOTD, $50/shipped.  -- SALE PENDING
Leifsdottir Lean Pique Cargo Pants, size 31 NWOT, $40/shipped
Cloaked Necklace, $35/shipped.
Phosphorescence Bracelet, $35/shipped.

I'll have more items in the near future as I begin sorting through my winter clothing to determine what no longer fits!