Anthropologie's not having a sale this week but I am!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My great closet cleanout continues, with another round of goodies up for grabs. All of these items are either in new or like new condition unless otherwise noted. Help me feed the contest fund and my travel fund and I'll help you build your own wonderful closet! Interested in purchasing one of my items for sale? Email me. I mail out twice a week.

As blog owner I'm taking advantage of a post to get my sale items in front of the most eyes possible. Looking for more items? Check out the weekly Trade Market (selling -- seeking) and the Trade Market on Facebook.

For reference on fit, here are my stats: I'm 5'8", 145 lbs, 34D, usually a 6 on top and a 8/10 on the bottom.

Click on the item name to see a photo. Shipping is included to the USA only; please email me for international rates. I am willing to combine shipping if you're interested in 2 or more items. Because I want to move these items to a new home ASAP, I'm listing these for just a week. Next week they head off to eBay or consignment if they don't sell here.

I'm happy to take offers if you're interested in multiple items.

Hayride Shorts by Sanctuary, size 32 (these would fit a 10 best), OOTD, $45/shipped
Ship Shape Shorts, grey, size 12, OOTD, $40/shipped
Ship Shape Shorts, navy, size 12, $40/shipped
Daughters of the Liberation Seamed & Slouched Crops, size 12 (these would fit a 10 best), OOTD, $40/shipped
Campfire Story Shorts, silver, size 12, OOTD, $40/shipped

Silverfield Sweetheart Dress, size M, BLUE, review, $45/shipped
Rising Battenberg Dress, size 8 -- also Looking to Buy in a size 4!! -- OOTD, $100/shipped

Cockle Shell Tights -- size M/L, NIP, OOTD (selling my backup pair), $20/shipped

AG Leggings Dwight, size 31, -- these are the jeans that everyone keeps asking me about!, most recently seen here, $90/shipped
AG Farrahs, size 31, OOTD, $90/shipped -- best for someone 5'8" or taller!

Brushstrokes Still Life Clutch, Roses, $70/shipped
Fine Ruled Satchel, OOTD 1, 2; $90/shipped, NOTE: as you can see in the first product photo, there is a slight gap between the bottom and top lips of the bag.

Dots Within Blouse, size 8, OOTD, $45/shipped
Deep Woods Toggle Coat, size 8, OOTD, $110/shipped
Hampden Peacoat, size S, OOTD, $80/shipped -- SALE PENDING
Kate Spade Bowed Mini-Trench, size M, $100/shipped  -- SALE PENDING
Berry Bush Tights -- size M/L, New in Packaging (NIP), OOTDs (selling my backup pair), $20/shipped -- SALE PENDING
AG Leggings Dwight, size 30, -- these are the jeans that everyone keeps asking me about!, most recently seen here, $90/shipped