Anthro Day is here! Save 15% off your purchase, TODAY ONLY!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hooray! Just as many in the community had hoped, Anthropologie has brought back its one-day Anthro Day promotion for Fall 2013! Today only, take 15% off your full-priced Anthropologie purchase both in stores and online, the latter using a one-time code that should arrive in your inbox any time.

If you received a code but won't be using it please share in the comments, I'm sure there will be community members happy to use it! Will you participate in Anthro Day today? After the jump, what I'd buy...

Now we know why the free shipping tests ended yesterday. It's too bad the tests and this promotion don't overlap, but at least we had a sizable sale last week and were able to take advantage of free shipping then! Anthropologie is steering us towards its new arrivals in the Anthro Day email.

Only anthro members will receive the email with the one-time use code. What's anthro? It's Anthropologie's free member loyalty program, the little yellow card that sits by the registers in stores. Read more about anthro on Anthropologie's website here, or check out this recent post on EA. You can join the anthro program online but won't receive an email for today's promotion -- it takes about 14 days for you to get ramped into the database.

This promotion comes at an odd time for me, budget-wise. I'm moving to a new apartment on October 1 and as anyone who's experienced NYC real estate knows it means that I have a ton of money tied up at the moment, between my security deposit and rent thresholds for my new place; my deposit for my current place and the cost of a moving company. Which is all a long-winded way of saying that even though I want to buy a bunch right now the Beaded Composition Top ($198, review) will likely be the only thing coming home with me today.

If I were a lottery winner I'd buy more today. Here's what's on my wishlist right now.

Will you participate in Anthro Day today? If you use one of the codes from the comment section, please reply to that comment so people are not trying to use codes that have already been claimed. Thank you community!!!