Eye Candy: Anthropologie September 2013 catalogue

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wiley Tunic ($78), ??? pants, Bina Peep-Toes ($178).

Warm weather may be fun to play around in but the chillier air of fall and winter really make my heart rush! I love dressing in layers and nothing excites me more than late August when fall catalogues begin to arrive in my mailbox. Tights, tall boots and long-sleeved dresses are just a few of my favorite things. Anthropologie has just unveiled several shots from their upcoming September 2013 catalogue and the settings are beautiful. The woodsy backdrop is fun and reminds me of many childhood years spent scraping my knees while I rock-climbed with neighbors in the expansive woods behind our homes in Connecticut.

Even better? The shots with a beautiful floral painting behind them. I love the colors, the wink-wink take on nature and the simple elegance of the photos, which are all wonderfully composed. This is what I like to see in Anthropologie catalogues!

Much more Eye Candy inside...

I've identified as many items as I could in these photos. If you see something with ??? that you recognize please let the community know in the comments and I will update as soon as I can! Thoughts on the items showcased? I know you'll have some! What do you think of Septemeber's coming clothing?

Reva Tunic ($158, review)
I loved the elephant version but now I'm swooning over this new print too!
Darn you Anthropologie! (I mean that in the nicest way possible.) 

On the left model: Fringed Eliot Cardigan ($118), Ballade Tunic ($118), 
??? pants, Clary Booties ($218).
On the right model: Striped Cadence Top ($78), Cressida Skirt ($118),

Carcanet Blouse ($148), Ponte Bell Skirt ($128).
I have a feeling this outfit will not translate for larger busts
and that makes me sad.

On the left model: Tiered Arden Dress ($178).
On the right model: Gem Drop Peplum Top ($148), Ultrasuede Pencil Skirt ($158).

In addition to all these goodies, a few community members had reported seeing a reissue of the Winding Ruffle Boots in-store. The Volta Boots ($268) just appeared online. They're not the same as the Winding Ruffle Boots -- the ruffle on the Voltas is down the front among other things -- but they certainly have that same feel to them.