Reviews: Citizens Of Humanity Dani Crop Jeans, Level 99 Wide-Legs, Ruled Charlie Trousers, Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Jeans, Pilcro Superscript Daisy Jeans

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Suddenly all I want are cuffed jeans. 
The Dani Crop Jeans ($154-$228) by Citizens of Humanity are a fabulous option.

Every so often I'll brave Anthropologie's pants assortment for some reviews. Inside, I was pleasantly pleased by a number of options...

Dani Crop Jeans ($154-$228)by Citizens Of Humanity, TTS
Style #: 27021302; wedgewood (093), renegade (092), santorini (010)

I like how cuffed jean crops look in theory but on me they were often a failure. This year things seem to be going better -- whether that's because designs have changed or my body has I don't know, but whatever, I'm not going to complain! A few weeks ago I gave some Pilcros a shot (review). While I liked them I fear for how much they will stretch so I was happy to find Citizen of Humanity's Dani Crop Jeans ($154-$228) in the Chelsea Market Anthro.

I tried on the Wedgewood wash which is the closest to classic denim. These pants are so soft! They are also nice and lightweight for summer. Unfortunately that probably means they won't last as long -- my AG Premieres in lightweight denim lasted about 3 years which is decent but I've still got thicker pairs from 2007 going strong. The color ranges from medium blue to lighter whiskers and runs, the most curious of which is around the butt area. I want my bottom to look lighter...? The rear pocket placement is great though! I tried to get a photo of it to no avail so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I am rocking a 30 these days in jeans and that's what you see me in here. The fit starts off close and loosens a bit as the day goes on. Stick to your usual jean size. I like these a little better than the Pilcros, mainly because the stretch factor is less. But price point wise Pilcro has these beat by a long shot -- this wedgewood color retails for a cool $200.

Waiting on these crops to hit sale? Nordstrom has already marked this wash down to $132. For now, I've got these wishlisted!

Level 99 Wide-Legs ($98) by Level 99, size down
Style #: 27960087; dark grey (005) or beige (024)

Wide legs or flares? You decide! These are the Level 99 Wide-Legs ($98), which are a linen/twill mix that are soft, comfy and stretchy. I was on board til that last adjective -- last year I bought the Lily Legging Jeans by Level 99 and those things stretch out so much over the course of the day that I had to bring a belt to keep them on for the second half of my workday. (They're now altogether too big on me sadly.) It's left me pretty wary about the brand in general. I'm sick of pants with spandex/elastine/whatever in them. I'd rather size up i non-stretch for a dependable day-long fit than be fooled into thinking I wear a smaller size because of stretch.

These pants are linen, lyocell (which Wikipedia tells me is like tencel), and spandex. There's a zip fly and a single button closure along with slant pockets. Anthropologie calls these wide legs but aren't wide legs supposed to be uniform width down the entire leg? These look way more like flares to me. Maybe flares is still a dirty word but they are coming back in a big way because the reign of skinny can't last forever.

I tried on my usual size 30 but those felt loose. Level 99 does tend to run large so I think a 29 would have been a winner. With the pants sitting on my hips instead of my waist the bottom hem grazed the floor from my 5'8" frame. I'm sure they're a bit shorter when the waist is in the right spot.

Here's how they look with a top:

The top is Deletta's Diamond Lace Peplum Shirt ($68) which has a crisscross back and leaves very little to the imagination in terms of fit. I'll have a full review of it soon.

For the pants, they are nice and a good casual work option, but I worry about them stretching out too much. Wishlisted for reconsideration come sale time.

Ruled Charlie Trousers ($118) by Cartonnier, TTS
Style #: 28200509; brown motif (029)

I overdid it a bit while I was in Hawaii as one does on vacation and boy did it show when I tried on the Ruled Charlie Trousers ($118). Hilarity! Then again I can't say a few pounds really account for how awful these pants are on me. It's more genetics. No one would ever say I have chicken legs and so vertical stripes are not my bag. I was convinced that these pants look good on anyone by a SA trying to be helpful. Well, I guess I proved that theory wrong! Sad trombone.

Made from cotton and spandex (serious question, why are the in-house Anthropologie brands so obsessed with spandex?) these crops hit a couple of inches above the ankle and have front and back welt pockets. There's a zip fly and button closure. On the side I must compliment how well the pattern is seamed together. Nicely done Anthropologie!

I tried on an 8. The pants fit perfectly around my waist and everywhere else was a disaster. Oh if only I were brave enough to show how these pants looked from the back for a good laugh. But no, it's too terrible to share. Anthro says these have an "impeccable, curve-hugging fit." Uh huh. And then they show them on a very straight-shaped model! So pardon my eye-roll as I disagree concretely with that assessment.

This is why I don't do printed pants. PASS!

Full length shot of the Ruled Charlie Trousers. Not at all doing anything to convince me. Pass again!

Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend Jeans ($189) by Paige, TTS
SKU #28429157 for size 30; color information to come

I really like Paige jeans, although they sometimes give me saggy butt. I'll be listing my Hidden Hills straights for sale soon as they don't fit anymore so I'm looking to replace them with a new pair of jeans. These Jimmy Jimmy skinny boyfriends might be the winning pair. But can we talk real quick about how these are called boyfriend skinny. DOES NOT COMPUTE. How can a jean be both? I tried these on almost three weeks ago but they're nowhere to be found on Anthropologie's website. Hopefully they make it online soon.

The pants are a cotton, poly, elastine mix which lends some give. I tried on a 30 and found them slightly loose already but the waist felt good. Unless the stretch factor becomes an issue I recommend sticking with your usual size. The inseam on these appears to be 34" and the ones I tried on were pre-rolled at the cuffs. The wash is uniformly dark with contrast stitching on the pockets. I love it!

Here's how they look full-body:

I have no idea what a skinny boyfriend jean is supposed to be but I definitely like these. Will be wishlisted once they hit the website! In the meantime it looks like Amazon has this wash for $171 in certain waist sizes. Not a huge savings but with free shipping that'll save you a good $20+ on the Anthro price.

On a Paige sidenote, I attempted to try on the Kylie Cropped Jean ($189) but the leg openings were way too small for me. Boo. I'd say they run small if you are considering ordering them.

Superscript Daisy Jeans ($98) by Pilcro, size down
Style #: 27525120; black motif (009)

The Superscript Daisy Jeans ($98) are possibly the most adorable jeans ever. Grey and white daisies spilling down a black jean look so cute! This is a pant where pattern placement is everything -- you don't want daisies coming out of your crotch like some flowery explosion. (It'd look even worse on the backside.) The pattern varies from pant to pant so if it's an option I recommend you head to the store to personally select your daisy-strewn pattern.

As per the usual for Pilcro these pants are cotton and spandex. Knowing the 30s would be loose I grabbed a pair of 29s instead. They were definitely tight in the fitting room but I knew these would stretch out to comfort levels quickly. Unfortunately I do not like the pant length much. They are that weird clam digger length that cuts below the calf in an unflattering way on me. Perhaps with heels I could make it work by tricking the eye into seeing a streamlined silhouette. Then again, maybe not.

Here's a full body shot:

These pants are undeniably uplifting and cute to boot! But I think the length is no good, so unless Anthropologie starts magically making talls I'm out. Pass for me, but recommended for others!

Also on their way to me, but not here in time for this reviews set, are Lilka's amazing-looking Susa Tapered Pants ($58). My intent is for these to be my summer brunch pants -- that elastic waist is sure to come in handy! If you own or have tried these pants I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!!

What do you think of the pants in this set? And what's your favorite denim brand?