First dibs! Anthro members get a sneak peek at July's new Anthropologie arrivals

Friday, June 28, 2013

Instead of the extra % off sale I was hoping for, Anthropologie instead sent an email to anthro members today for first dibs on some of the July 2013 collection. Yay? Inside, a peek at some of the new arrivals and a bit of moping.

Anthropologie's certainly not alone in this but it's really hard to be excited about Fall, Pre-Fall or anything not Summer-related right now. All my department stores are already sending me emails advertising coats, boots, and sweaters. Good lord, it's no wonder I'm stressed out about the future all the time. My very profession can never just relax in the now! They're always worried about what's next.

It's not that Anthro calls their first dibs page Pre-Fall but it's written between the lines. Sleeves! Muted hues! I'm finally excited about swimsuits and sunnies and sunhats and such and now everyone's jumping ahead to next season. Blargh I say! BLARGH. I was very excited about the Tag Sale and grabbing some great summer stuff at a discount. I've picked up a few pretties but most of what I'd like it still stubbornly full-priced leaving me to pick and choose to stay on-budget. So while this email would normally get me very excited about what's to come, I'm not ready to move on from the Tag Sale yet.

Anyway. This dress is really pretty!

The At Dusk Dress ($298) by Yoana Baraschi

I always like how the lighter underlayer looks under the black version of the dress but so far it's never translated for me in real life. We'll see how this dress does once it begins to hit stores.

Also adorable is the Emeline Tulle Skirt ($188) though after my experience with the Amalia Tulle Skirt ($188, review upcoming) I'm highly dubious that the skirt actually looks like this in real life.

What do you think of the items on the pre-shop page? Any new wishlist editions? As usual I'm more excited by the New Arrivals section than these featured items, though I did add the two items discussed above to my wishlist.