Reviews: Vertical Garden Pencil Skirt, Spearmint Stripe Skirt, Adela Beaded Skirt, Dayflora Stitched Skirt, Southwark Peplum Skirt, Aglitz Brocade Shorts, Sunburst Eyelet Shorts

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anthropologie's ready for summer with lots of cute skirts and work shorts.
In this set reviews of the Dayflora Stitched Skirt ($148) and more.

Tops and jacket reviews are on the way, plus plenty more dresses. But before we get there let's see how some of Anthropologie's bottoms fare.

Vertical Garden Pencil Skirt ($88) by Postmark, size down
Style #: 27169879; blue motif (049)

Note: If you're wondering my sizing measurements/height/etc, they're detailed on this page.

The Vertical Garden Pencil Skirt ($88) is one of the cutest items on Anthropologie's website right now! With a print that looks like a floral cascade over an oxford-stripe awning, this pencil is so much fun. It looks pretty short on the website model but this one hit me right above the knees. There is a spandex lining which is pretty soft and no back vent -- you won't need one though. This skirt stays in place and you can walk comfortably in it. It's a cotton-spandex mix which makes it really stretchy and is the reason you'll want to size down.

I'm in between a size 10 and a size 8 in skirts right now with an 8 usually being right. However, the largest size I could find for this skirt was a 6. The 6 was comfortable around my waist but hugging my bottom and thighs pretty tightly. Still, I was defiant in the store and talked myself into buying the 6. After a few hours of wearing the skirt the 6 loosened up considerably (yay spandex?) and now I feel confident in saying that the 6 is the right size. So I recommend sizing down one size in this skirt even if it's initially tight. The skirt stretches out a lot as the day goes on.

Whether for work or play, this skirt is a delight. It's fun and well-made. A little less stretch would be nice but for summer it's comfortable, lightweight and versatile. Purchased. One more shot below.

So you can see more of a full-body perspective. This isn't an actual outfit I'd wear, just a fitting room combination. The top is the Embroidered Sathya Top ($58, review).

Wear it with: the Sunglint Chambray Tank ($88) and Lily Heels ($138); the Ruffled Lyra Top ($48) and Ornament Sandals ($109), the Pointelle Perk Cardigan ($78) and Lovins Glitter Flats ($118).

Spearmint Stripe Skirt ($78) by Postmark, TTS
Style #: 27220458; green motif (038)

The Spearmint Stripe Skirt ($78) is a calf-grazer with chevron stripes in a cheerful green color. It's made from sturdy linen with rayon mixed in, presumably to lessen the wrinkle effect. This skirt is fully lined with mismatched side seams. There are large slant pockets in the front and a side zipper.

In terms of sizing most people will find this skirt true to size, though you have two options. If you're an hourglass like me with a smaller waist you can size down comfortably. The waist is very nipped on this skirt! It's a good inch or more smaller than the rest of the shell. If you prefer the skirt to sit at your hips or want a looser fit at the midsection stick to your usual size.

Here's a neck-to-toe shot:

I wasn't wowed by this skirt. Calf-length is tricky and I feel it's not especially flattering on me. I would like the skirt better if it were closer to knee-length as it is on the model -- at 5'8" I guess those few inches of height between me and the website models really make a difference!

Sturdy yet lightweight in appealing summer colors. But the length gives me pause. Pass.

Wear it with: the Twisted & Pleated Tee ($58) in white, dark grey or black with the City Spree Skimmers ($128); the Tamarindo Tank ($48) and Korin D'Orsays ($148).

Adela Beaded Skirt ($118) by Maeve, TTS
Style #: 27228105; orange (089)

Maeve's Adela Beaded Skirt ($118) has an elastic waist and beaded trim. This simple, flowy skirt plops a pretty orange floral pattern that resembles a sunrise onto a navy base color. With the skirt set just below my waist it came down nearly to my knees, resting just above them. The skirt is made from viscose and is lined. There are cargo-style open pockets at the sides.

I tried on a medium and found it to fit comfortably. Since the waist is so stretchy I don't think you can go wrong with any size so long as it's not falling off. I'm not a fan of elasticized waists though because of my shape. My waist is much tinier than my hips and the skirt ends up poufing out on me:

It's not too bad on this skirt but I'm not swooning over it either. Although the pattern is pretty I much preferred the way Maeve did their skirts last year with a non-stretch band in the front half and a stretchy panel at the waist in back.

Beautiful pattern and certainly comfy but not as flattering as I'd like. Back to the rack.

Wear it with: the Karys Lace Top ($88), the Katrine Peplum Top ($88), the Daphne Weels ($158) in black.

Dayflora Stitched Skirt ($148) by Yoana Baraschi, TTS
Style #: 27307016; multi (095)

The Dayflora Stitched Skirt ($148) has beautiful floral embroidery on top of a polyester shell. Even in my cavelike fitting room you can see just how vivid and bright the colors are. It is a true pencil skirt with a nipped waist and tapered bottom hem. There's no vent in the back -- I wish there were a small one. There's a side zip and the pattern does not match at the side seams. I wore the skirt just below my waist and it came down to just above my knees.

This skirt fits differently than the winter versions (the Embroidered Pencil Skirt) did. It fits much better! With the winter version I'd found the hips protruding on every version but here the skirt forms a nice clean line down both sides. There was slim pickings on the rack. I'm in a 6 for these fitting room shots and it was a little too tight. I'd buy in an 8.

Here's another perspective shot:

I'm wearing the Pieced Lace Top ($68) here which will get a full review soon. It runs very large -- I'm in a small here and would size down again to an x-small to buy. The top works very nicely with this skirt which I adore and wishlisted!

Wear it with: The Inked Print Top ($88), the Gauze Buttondown ($88) in red motif or white, the Wynwood Top ($48).

Southwark Peplum Skirt ($98) by the Addison Story, TTS
Style #: 27271329; navy (041)

It's great to see a great work skirt in a conservative color but in a lightweight material. This is the Southwark Peplum Skirt ($98) which looks pretty plain from afar but its Anthro twist is the waffle material. There are tiny square holes all over the skirt, which is double-layered to ensure nothing peeks through from beneath. It's cotton with a peplum that doesn't quite complete all the way around the waistline. It's around the entire back but has a break in the front. The skirt hit me at the top of my knees.

I felt most comfortable in a medium, my usual size. The skirt hugs closely through the hips and then falls with a slight taper to the knee. The waist is about the same size as the hip opening, leaving a little more room than the typical pencil skirt. There is no back vent and I did find this skirt slid up slightly as I walked around the fitting room. (Yes it was big enough to walk around in.)

This skirt seems like a great summer work option to me. The peplum makes it almost necessary to tuck any top in and this could be an issue if you're short-waisted like me. Still I like it. Wishlisted!

Wear it with: the Istmo Tunic ($118) in purple motif, tucked in; the Audrey Zebra Blouse ($128), the Collared Skipper Tank ($68).

Aglitz Brocade Shorts ($118) by Leifsdottir, TTS
Style #: 27208628; yellow (072) or pink (066)

I love some sparkle and the Aglitz Brocade Shorts ($118) have it in spades. Well, brocade flowers, but you know what I mean. They're a fancy work short or something a little extra for everyday. I saw both the pink and yellow version in-store and was more attracted to this dark yellow-y gold. The shorts have side slant pockets and a dressy crease on each leg.

Like skirts I'm between sizes in shorts and pants, with an 8 usually winning out. I tried these shorts in an 8 and felt comfortable. The waist was a touch loose and the short seemed nice through the hips and thigh. The 4.5" inseam is acceptable, though I like my shorts to be 5" when I have the choice.

From a little further away:

The legs are cut wide which helps make my thighs look smaller. That's always appreciated! I'd be the fanciest chick at the country club in these shorts and I like that. Wishlisted for reconsideration come sale time.

Wear them with: the Bands & Blossoms Peplum Top ($98), the Neo-Gingham Crossback Tee ($58) in black & white or red motif, the Nickerie Oxfords ($78).

Sunburst Eyelet Shorts (now $50) by Cartonnier, TTS
Style #: 26518993; mango (083)

I noticed the cheery mango Sunburst Eyelet Shorts (now $50) hanging out on the sale rack and decided to give them a try. These shorts have a wide flat-front waist and two wider eyelet leg openings. The shorts are double-layered to keep them opaque and made from cotton with some spandex mixed in. They are not very stretchy. There are side pockets and a side zip.

These shorts have a 3" inseam which is too short on me. I am in a 10 for these photos, an 8 would have been  a better fit but also slightly shorter. The 10s were very loose in the waist. The long waistband succeeds in minimizing the waist nicely, which could be great if you have a straighter shape or potentially an apple. On a curvy shape it doesn't over-accentuate the hips and that's nice.

From a little further back:

The inseam is too short for me to feel comfortable...I only wear 3" shorts on the beach for convenience reasons. For me these are a pass.

Wear them with: the Phenomena Embroidered Tank ($78), the Flora Nouveau Tunic ($88), the Fontes Blouse ($88).