Reviews: Eyelet Peplum Blouse, Coralline Peplum Top, Pattern Pop Tee, Patched Rugby Pullover, Fieldbloom Peasant Blouse, Embroidered Sathya Top, Embroidered Prema Tank

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Destination vacation has me thinking about summer tops.
Dolce Vita's Eyelet Peplum Blouse ($148) and more get the review treatment in this set.

As I continue culling my closet down to the things that still fit and the things I'm still not quite ready to part with, a plentiful amount of empty hangers are now available. Summer tops seem to be lacking right now so I went to Anthropologie to see what's new. I liked more than a few of the options! The price points are creeping upwards though.

My thoughts on some of the latest inside.

Eyelet Peplum Blouse ($148) by Dolce Vita, size down
Style #: 27744473; ivory (011) or coral (085)

Note: If you're wondering my sizing measurements/height/etc, they're detailed on this page.

Let it be said that the Eyelet Peplum Blouse ($148) is very expensive for what it is -- a double-layered tank. Sometimes logic gives way to cravings though and this top won me over despite the pricetag. It's a combination of cotton (the area above the peplum), silk (the peplum) and polyester (the lining). In the front one medallion is centered in a filigree ring of mint. On the back, two medallions split the back zip. There's a high scoop neckline and large armholes that will show the bra band under your arm. The back comes all the way up to the neck.

I found this top to run big. I started in my usual size 6 for these photos above. It was loose above the bust and around the neckline. This top is pretty breathable; the lining stifles that somewhat but I'm thankful for the lining because it makes the top opaque! The peplum is sheer so you can see the lining beneath. I did not like how the lining is slightly shorter than the peplum on this ivory/mint version. You can see the same effect on the model.

Since the pattern is centered on the front and split off the zipper in the back, it doesn't line up at the sides...

...but at least the mismatch is concealed under your arms most of the time. I am in the size 4 in the photo above, which is the size I ended up purchasing. If I'm in a 4 that spells trouble for true size 0s and perhaps size 2s as well. The coral version of this top runs about the same in sizing, I would have purchased that in a 4 as well.

Pricey but perfect for those sticky summer days when only white will do. This top came home with me. If you want to sale stalk it, it's available through Neiman Marcus as well, though currently more expensive than at Anthropologie. Dolce Vita stores are also carrying this top in both this ivory/mint, the coral and a plain white version.

Wear it with: The Pilcro Stet Denim Roll-Ups ($68) or the Cuffed Twill Shorts ($68) in turquoise or red with the Helena Sandal ($120) -- also available via Amazon, Lord & Taylor, Zappos or Nordstrom; the Cantaloupe Bloom Pencil Skirt ($88) and Causeway T-Straps ($88) in cream.

Coralline Peplum Top ($88) by one.september, size down
Style #: 27611532; white (010)

This one's for the tall girls and the long torsos. The Coralline Peplum Top ($88) has a longer peplum and longer bodice than most peplum tops that enhances or creates a long and lean silhouette. (There is a petite version available as well!) I was delighted to see this top even though I have a short torso. I'll gladly take a top that hits a bit below my waist in exchange for a peplum that clears my hips. There is a lining in the top but it doesn't come all the way up to the neckline in front. The coral pop of color is between the outer shell and the lining.

I reached for a medium but should have sized down to a small. The medium was loose all over. Online reviews seem to confirm that you can size down in this one. Though the waist of this top was a good inch or two below the natural spot I appreciated how elongating the top is. The peplum lies mostly flat against the body, concealing my widest part nicely. I liked how tan this top made me look! (Disclosure: I am not tan.)

Here's a top that would be great for work or weekend. I like it a lot but for budget considerations this one hit my wishlist instead of my cart.

Wear it with: the Ribbon Ruled Skirt ($168) -- tuck the top in if you like -- and the Suede Sorbet Sandals ($150); the Retro Flora Charlie Crops ($98) and the Beaumaris Cork Pumps ($138).

Pattern Pop Tee ($58) by ???, size down
Style #: 28102564; mint (102) or three other colors

The Pattern Pop Tee ($58) is by a label I don't recognize. I believe it's one of Anthropologie's in-store brands but the tag was unfamiliar. This top continues Anthro's trend of mixing stripes and a pattern, typically with a Quasimodo-pleasing roomy back. If I don't learn to sit and stand up straight I may be in need of plenty of these tops in the future! The neutal motif version has three patterns because why not? I stuck to the mint version because it has birds.

One part cotton and one part polyester, this tee runs generously large. I'm already down to a small for these photos and I think perhaps an extra small would be best. I'm not quite ready to revise my sizing to having a small be my true size, but these vanity-sized tops certainly aren't helping me decide where my "usual" Anthropologie size really lies. I know I asked for larger sizing last year. I'm sorry. It went too far!

Comfortwise this top is very nice. Easy to toss this on over shorts or loose pants for weekend errands. If Anthro insists on continuing to issue basics I suppose this isn't a bad way to go, but once Old Navy starts knocking these off for $20 Anthro will be screwed.

Not quite a basic but not quite special either. Pass for me.

Wear it with: the Level 99 Linen Shorts ($68) in pink, the Shimmered Nolina Sandals ($78) and the Brass Anchor Pendant ($148).

Patched Rugby Pullover ($78) by Dolan, TTS
Style #: 27051044; light grey (006) or navy (041)

USA-manufactured Dolan has a new line called t-shirt. Anthropologie's jumped on a few of the designs including the Patched Rugby Pullover ($78). I like the lightweight feel and mid-length sleeves, which make this top perfect for those days when you need just one more layer on the beach to keep the wind at bay. For some reason I imagine wearing this somewhere in southern California at an evening beach cookout.

Regrettably, this top is sheer. My bra clearly showed through the lighter ivory stripe as did my dark jeans. A simple cami or tank underneath fixes that though it may become too many layers on the hottest days. The top is cut very straight and just barely cleared my hips in a medium. It's long, ending about at my fingertips and has a raw bottom hem.

Between the two colors I think I like the navy better but either shade is nice. A good breeze-stopper topper with a layer required underneath to combat the sheerness. Wishlisted!

Wear it with: the Pilcro Stet Denim Roll-Ups ($68) and Arembepe Sandals ($78), the Braided Twill Trousers ($88) and the Marvin Oxfords ($79).

Fieldbloom Peasant Blouse ($88) by Vanessa Virginia, TTS
Style #: 27101468; yellow (072), ivory (011) or black (001)

The Fieldbloom Peasant Blouse ($88) is a silklike polyester top with lasercut flowers all over it. The hem is slightly shorter at the sides. The thick neckline and slightly puffy princess sleeves lend a youthful vibe and make me wonder if I owned a top like this as a kid. The yellow is so brilliantly sunshine that I couldn't pass up a chance to try it on in store.

My normal size 6 fit well. It was loose without being too big. The top is somewhat sheer. I'd want to wear a cami underneath. It's hard to see the lasercut details when you have the top on which is a little sad because the details are so cute! Still, even if you can't make out the solar-shaped cutouts you can definitely see the vibrant color. YELLOW. No fooling around.

A pleasant top that's got plenty of summer potential. Wishlisted, waiting for sale.

Wear it with: the Bellflower Bloom Skirt ($98), the Baripada Maxi Skirt ($168), the Sateen Charlie Trouser ($98).

Embroidered Sathya Top ($58) by Lilka, size down
Style #: 28138360; blue (040)

Cobalt blue has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. It works so well with white as evidenced by the Embroidered Sathya Top ($58). This top is not without its issues but overall it's a great summer piece.

Made from rayon, this tank has a split v-neck that comes pretty low for day. A little decolletage will peek though. There's an elastic bottom hem which can be trouble. I found it loose enough that I could place it at my waist or my hips with ease. I'm not usually a fan of elastic hems but it didn't bother me here since the tank is nice and long. It hits me low hip.

A medium was too roomy so it's down to a small I went for these photos. The tank skims the body without hugging too tightly. The white designs pops off the blue nicely, creating a beautiful overall effect that brightens the face, even when you are decapitated like me. Over the course of the day this top does stretch out.

I didn't want to wait. At $58 the price seemed fair so this top came home with me. You can see how I styled it in this past weekend's Reader Outfits. (Scroll down to the bottom of the post.)

Wear it with: the Niguel Maxi Skirt ($118); the Ikat Shorts ($78) in black motif or yellow; the Eyelet Crops ($118).

Embroidered Prema Tank ($78) by Meadow Rue, size down
Style #: 27360577; navy (041)

The Embroidered Prema Tank ($78) takes the same idea of the Embroidered Sathya Top ($58) and flips it to blue on white. In the front, floral embroidery dances over swiss dots. In the back, a floral print goes from neckline to bottom hem. I like the chained v-neck on this top a lot. The front is almost entirely lined so nothing beneath will show through -- yay!

Like Lilka's tank this Meadow Rue top runs large. I went down to a small for the best fit though it was still pretty loose across my midsection. The cotton/modal material is airy and pleasant to wear. The top is very soft!

I can't think of a single flaw with this top. The Likla top won out because it was cheaper but I hope to bring this top home soon too. For now, wishlisted!

Wear it with: the Stellina Skirt ($78), the Pilcro Stet Colored Denim Roll-Ups ($68), the AG Stevie Roll-Up Jeans ($162).