Guest post by Rosalyn: Spotted! Anthrolike items for less

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My name is Rosalyn from My Fancy Pants and I have been shopping at Anthropologie for years...I think I officially earned the title, "Anthropologie Hoarder" a while ago...Sadly a lot of my co-workers and friends never get to experience the love of Anthropologie due to some of the today I have put together some "Look-A-Like" items that are a fraction of the cost...

Greenwich Pencil Dress       Pink Martini Aphrodite Dress
Anthropologie Greenwich Pencil Dress 158.00                 Piperlime Pink Martini Dress 99.00

Ruled Lines Shift        Pim + Larkin Stripe Ponte Portofino Dress
Anthropologie Rulled Lines Shift Dress 118.00                  Piperlime Stripe Ponte Dress 69.00

Slim-Glint Lace Dress     MM Couture Lace Mini Dress
Anthropologie Slim-Glint Lace Dress 228.00                Piperlime MM Couture Lace Mini 99.00

Ajuda Field Blazer      Line & Dot Tropical Paradise Blazer
Anthropologie Ajuda Field Sweater Blazer 128.00              Piperlime Line & Dot Tropical Blazer 98.00

Studded Maxi Dress     Sabine Knit Maxi Tank Dress
Anthropologie Studded Maxi Dress 328.00                        Piperlime Sabine Maxi Dress 79.00

Sheerstripe Pullover     Only Bright Stripe Sweater
Anthropologie Sheer Stripe Pullover 88.00                            Asos Only Bright Pullover 54.00

Dally Dotted Wedges       Report Antonella
Anthropologie Dally Dotted Wedges 178.00                             Piperlime Report Antonella 60.00

Helena Sandal      ASOS FLOCK Leather Flat Sandals
Anthropologie Helena Sandal 120.00                                           Asos Flock Flat 37.00

Sweetheart Vamp Pumps     New Look Thick Ankle Strap Court Shoes
Anthropologie Sweetheart Vamp Pump 130.00                           Asos Court Shoes 33.00

Last Minute Wedges    New Look Highness Vamp Wedge Sandals
Anthropologie Last Minute Wedges 110.00                                   Asos New Look Wedge 39.00

Hopefully there are some items here that might interest you and help spark your spring shopping frenzy...