Guest post by Jessica: Maternity shopping at Anthropologie on a budget

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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Hello there, I'm Jessica! I'm a wife, mama, lover of vanilla lattes and skinny jeans. I love passing along amazing deals to my readers and blogging about our adventures over at Swish and Swoon. I'm so thrilled to be guest posting for Roxy, because this community has had a huge influence on how I blog! More on that later. But first, here are some basic things you should know about me...

1. I buy most of my clothes from Anthropologie, but rarely spend more than $30 on any item of clothing!
2. I do most of my shopping online.
3. I typically save 75% or more off the retail price. I love me a good deal.
4. I'm hoping to fulfill all my pregnant belly needs at Anthropologie.

I remember stepping into an Anthropologie store for the first time years ago and thinking, Oh my goodness, I adore everything in this store, but geez look at the price tag on that! I could never afford to shop here! That was before I figured out buying clothes at Anthropologie doesn't have to be super expensive. If you know how to play the sale game, you can usually get these items cheaper than the Target version!

Anthropologie reaching fucia tote tiered maxi skirt

Skirt: Anthropologie's Tiered Maxi Skirt ($19.95), Tote: Anthropologie's Reaching Fuchsia Tote ($9.95), Tunic: Anthropologie's Envelop Tunic by Ella Moss ($9.95), Necklace: Anthropologie's Chunky Garnet Necklace ($39)

Okay, so how do I do it? I couldn't do it without Roxy and all of you involved in this community. As most of you know, sales are typically every Monday, with second and third cuts on Tuesdays. On these mornings I wake up early (well that's pretty much every morning with a toddler in the house!) and immediately go to the sale section of Anthropologie. I then sort by price. This saves a lot of time! I've found that if I don't wake up early and purchase the item I like immediately, it usually sells out.

Anthropologie-maternity-wear-picture tiered maxi skirt

Another trick I've learned is to call customer service even when the item is already listed as sold out. I can't tell you how many times I've done this, and customer service has been able to find the item I wanted in a store. The customer service reps are extremely helpful and friendly, so don't be afraid to call! The drawback is it takes extra time, but it is definitely worth it for those really outstanding deals. And sometimes they even have the item in the warehouse even though it is listed as sold out.

tiered-maxi-skirt-anthropologie floral maxi skirt

And then there are the beloved popback items. If you aren't familiar with how popbacks work, Roxy does a great job explaining them here. These are usually the most dramatic deals and they aren't listed directly on Anthropologie's website. Effortless Anthropologie has been a great resource for me on Fridays, because I always check out the Popbacks post. These priceless posts are packed full of links that take you to popback items on Antrhopologie's website. So, thank you all for the popback updates, and thanks for letting me share with you today! I have a lot of fun putting together these style posts. Are there some money saving secrets that I'm missing? I would love to hear how you all get deals!