Call for submissions: Show the community how you Anthropologie-ize your home!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maggie Club Chair (now $1,600).

Being that we are an Anthropologie-loving bunch many of us own not only Anthro clothing but also furniture, decor and the like. By community request it's time to get out that camera, set up your vignette and send in a photo of your Anthro for the home pieces!

How many of us pore over home porn, looking for beautiful and new ways to set up our beloved furniture, rugs, knick-knacks and so on? While Anthropologie's beautiful catalogue photos certainly help there's nothing quite like seeing how real people set up their homes.

So if you own Anthropologie furniture, room decor, rugs, curtains, kitchenware, bedding, vases, or any other home item it's time to break out that camera and take a photo of it for this community post!! The photo does not need to be all-Anthropologie but there must be at least one Anthropologie home item in the photo.

What am I looking for? Photos that are easy to see, bright or properly lit, cropped well (if necessary). Feel free to include pets, children, yourself in the photo! Artistic merit is always much appreciated but I reserve the right to reject photos that are too blurry, too dark, or if the Anthro item isn't easy to see.

Some quick guidelines:
- photos must be at least 575 pixels wide
- the Anthropologie item must be clearly visible in the photo
- please submit no more than 5 photos
- please send a short description with your photo (800 words or less) -- what the item is, where it lives in your home, how it fits in, why you love it, etc.
- photos must be submitted no later than Tuesday, March 5
- please email me your photos or you can link me to your online photo location

Need tips on how to take a good photo? There's an excellent interior design/home photos tutorial here and a more advanced one here. I highly recommend reading both. For photo inspiration check out Apartment Therapy's home tours section, Desire to Inspire or this tumblr that I love. (Feel free to suggest other great sites in the comments!)

This isn't a competition so there's no pressure for perfection. As long as your photo is clear and well-lit it will run! Below are some Anthro shots for inspiration. I'm so excited to see how you incorporate Anthropologie into your home!!

Standing Magnifying Glass Set (no longer available, sad)

Georgina Bedding ($58-$398)